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Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, Chicago, Illinois

1300 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, Illinois

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Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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  • Submitted: Jan 5, 2013
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very interesting, a lot of hands on activities, kids loved it

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Submitted by: Brittny K.

This place was a total disappointment. The First thing when you walk in is awesome so the rest of it was lame in comparison. The exhibits were mainly geare...

Submitted by: Tommy H.

the Adler was a big Meh in my book. I'm no astrologer, but i can still appreciate the science, history, and technology associated with space exploration; however Adler just didn't click with me. maybe it was the exhibits that geared towards children or that some of th...

Submitted by: Theresa L.

Not really my kind of place, but it has a lot of informative exhibits. Probably better for people with kids. Just made a quick stop here ca...

Submitted by: Raymond M.

Great Caesar's ghost!  What happened to the Adler.  It's turned into a tourist attraction geared towards small children.  I really didn't learn anything new. None of teh attractions really stood out.  Bought tickets to the Deep Space show...$$$28 and I fe...

Submitted by: Jenny R.

I remember really liking Adler as a kid, but I'm so disappointed in what they've done there. The entire museum is made for small children. There was not a single thing that challenged us or taught us something that we didn't already know. I understand ppl bring kids here, and that it is a popular field trip spot. They just need a science nerd section ...

Submitted by: Kay N.

Its a Chicago musuem- at night- no kids allowed- and music! Nothing in the sentence is ever a bad thing! If you are looking for a fun evening to enjoy s...

Submitted by: Meghan B.

I hate to only give the Planetarium two stars, but like many fellow Yelpers, the Adler Planetarium was a bit of a disappointment. We saw the Deep Space Adventure show and Night Sky Live! Deep Space Adventure was just kind of 'meh', but I really enjoyed Night Sky Live! because it was more educational and the narrator was awesome and passionate. Other than the shows, a few of the exhibits stood out. We liked the telescope and gravity exhibits, but most of the other exhibits were only geared towards children. Overall, the $28 price tag that includes Deep Space Adventure, your choice of a show, and the exhibits is way overpriced, especially compared to the price of Chicago's other great museums. I don't really k...

Submitted by: RealityOne C.

Wow has this place gone downhill!  It used to be a place that was conducive to learning for adults, but now its just a noisy kid place. There were no exhibits oriented towards adults, except for maybe the telescopes, which were so dimly lit, it was too hard to read the small sized font captions on any displayed item.   The noise of the kids screaming in the place made it hard to concentrate on anything one read. A presentation or movie in the dome used to be included in an admission ticket, but now it is not. they have all these other shows that cost ~$10 or more in addition to your admission ticket.   The security is lax there and some non-white adult  people were very threatening on our visit. Mostly every...

Submitted by: Jace K.

Not generally a fan of planetariums, but wandered into Adler because I wanted some pressed pennies and it was on the City Pass. The Great Observatories- I fell asleep. I think you have to be a bit of a tech geek if you were to enjoy this planetarium. I wasn't geeky enough for it. However, I did enjoy the Atwood historical planetarium. That was a bit more fun- mainly because the ride operator had such a great energy. I got lost in this tiny planetarium. I think they need to just revamp the entire thing to be more friendly to the average joe and get more kids interested in science! A couple things were great- like the display on light pollution and the funhouse mirrors used to demonstrate the effects of black ...


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