Airboat Adventures, Lafitte, Louisiana

5145 Fleming Park Rd, Lafitte, Louisiana 70067

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Lafitte is an hour from New Orleans, but it’s worth the drive for an authentic Louisiana swamp experience. Hotel pickup is available.

Address: 5145 Fleming Park Rd, Lafitte, Louisiana 70067

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Phone: 888-467-9267
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Submitted by: Kristina K.

Although quite pricey (~$80 a person then tips that the guides and bus drivers expect), the Airboat Adventures swamp tour was pretty cool-- after all, when else does one get to travel the back waters in the vicinity of NOLA on a speed boat of sorts with the breeze going through your hair? The wildlife watching was charming: we saw a variety of birds, a turtle, and even a few alligators. Spoiler alert! The highlight was petting a baby 'gator the size of a liftable log or a bit larger than an average house cat. The poor girl on the front row nearly had a heart attack when the critter was presented upon her. Surprise! Though I am not sure how animal rights folks would feel about so many randoms holding and pett...

Submitted by: alex z.

One word.  GREAT!  We were on the water "exploring" for almost 2 hours, in which time our guide took us to several locations to watch aligators and other swamp wildlife.  We also got an opportunity to hold a b...

Submitted by: Gregg G.

Great experience! Matt was our Capt. and he is spectacular.  I thought it would be a touristy thing to do but our family saw a lot of alligators up close (VERY) and roa...

Submitted by: Lili K.

Definitely call them up yourself, versus going through any middlemen. We got a hotel pick up and drop off, and a two hour swamp ride.  Breezing through the waters with just 10 other people was fun, and it really helped beat the heat and humidity outside.  Our tour guide wasn't the greatest in enthusiasm or creativity, however. Tourists:  So, what got you interested in doing this? Guide:  Um...I just do it. Tourists:  How'd you find this place to work at? Guide:  Uh...they found me. Guide:  (pulls out a baby alligator from the cooler) Tourists: Ooh, what's his name?? Guide:  I don't know, I just pull one out from the tank pre-tour.   ETC.  We didn't see much, as he was pretty lazy with going anywhere or inter...

Submitted by: Richard D.

I'm only giving it 2 stars because I have experienced better.   Don't get me wrong, I LOVE airboats and flying through the swamp, but this experience wasn't that great.  I saw way more gators in their little pen than through the "tour" of the swamp. Our guide was a younger kid and there were times where we just rolled around pretty slow (I think he did that to kill time).  He wasn't very personable or enthusiastic about anything. We parked under a tree full of spanish moss to hold the baby gator that he had hidden in a cooler.  Kind of a meh experience which seemed like another way for them to kill time.   They take you to spots where they seem to have conditioned the gators to come out and eat marshmallows....

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