Alligator Adventure, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

4604 Hwy 17, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29582

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Address: 4604 Hwy 17, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29582

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Phone: 843-361-0789
Hours: Check schedule More Info
Price: Adults (13+): $17.99; Children (4-12): $11.99; Children under 4: Free; Seniors: $15.99 More Info

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Submitted by: Jasmine N.

This is one of the coolest and most original places I've ever been to!  I cannot believe how many alligators and crocodiles they have in this place as well as other animals like tigers, big and little (who are all on each other like it's mating season) turtles, snakes, the donkey and the zebra.   My favorite was 'Bob'- the alligator born without a tail.  He even has his own little house.  My husband fell in love with him.   The price is great and the facilities are very well run and clean.  Definitely stay for a feeding.  I can't believe a gator can jump that high.  My family lives in Myrtle and I've been telling them to go here for 2 years.  They still haven't gone, so I've just continued to badger them.  O...

Submitted by: Jeff S.

Every time I went to Myrtle Beach I wondered about this place.  On a recent visit I decided to satisfy my curiosity.  And I am glad I did. I expected to see alligators and crocodiles but I didn't expect to see the various other animals including birds, turtles, lemurs, tigers, camels and more. This is a great place for any animal lover, ...

Submitted by: Jeff F.

My fiancee and I were in Myrtle Beach for my birthday, and based on all the reviews I had seen we decided to visit Alligator Adventure. It was definitely worth it! As you would expect from the name, the park contains mostly alligators and crocodiles. However you will also find turtles, snakes, birds, lemurs, two tigers, and when we went they also had an exhibit housing a baby zebra, baby camel, and baby donkey together. It's only a 15 acre park, but we easily spent almost 3.5 hours there. Additionally, with each ticket you buy for admission you are granted a free second day in the park (to be used within 7 days). You should make sure to catch all the feedings and shows. We went during the tourism off-season ...

Submitted by: Roger S.

I'm glad my kids don't want to go here anymore.  It's modestly ent...

Submitted by: Jay P.

We've been here several times over the years.  When we first stopped in the expectations weren't high, looking at it from the road it looks like a roadside dump.  Once we went in it became one of our favorite attractions here.  There is a very large variety of reptiles on display along with otters, birds, ...

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