Alligator Alley, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

1800 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

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Submitted by: Jaki B.

We had a great time at Alligator Alley! The admission charge was very reasonable and it's good for two days. You have to buy meat, mice, or rats at an extra charge if you want to feed the critters, but well worth it if you don't have a squimish stomach. The exhibits were clean and kept up well, and they have a variety of reptiles to check out. We bought meat to feed the alligators, which are fed through a tube into their tank. There's absolutely no danger involved, all of the reptiles are in fully enclosed, glass tanks. My son also wanted to feed the snapping turtle (who the owner told us is named Lou) a live rat, which was admittedly hard to watch, but a fun educational experience about the food chain. High...


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