Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, Tahoe City, California

2600 Alpine Meadows Rd, Tahoe City, California 96145

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Address: 2600 Alpine Meadows Rd, Tahoe City, California 96145

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Phone: 530-583-4232
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Submitted by: Saunders C.

$25 lift tickets. Yeah, you heard that right. I came on Alpine Meadows' Annual Community Benefit day, which raises money for charity and the proceeds from the day's lift ticket sales were donated to local Lake Tahoe programs. But I didn't hear anything after the $25 full-day lift ticket. The resort itself is pretty good. Not huge, but the runs offer a good amount of variety. The trails are average in length, but you can definitely spend quite a bit of time exploring. The lifts are not necessarily the "express" lifts that get you to the top of the mountain really quickly, but they do the job. We came later in the day, so the trails were pretty tracked up, but that didn't stop us from having a great time. The ...

Submitted by: Chris L.

We just went to Alpine this weekend and here are my thoughts: Cons of Alpine: - the rental employees and the persons directing the herds of people are inefficient and unprofessional.  They misled us twice to the wrong area, wasted our time, and didn't seem concerned with any aspect of customer service. - the food is expensive and not good - the "greens" are STEEP!  a lot of trees and random inclines.  not good for a beginner. - the classes were too big and even though the adult classes start at 13 yo, one child got stuck in our class.  Not cool.   Pros of Alpine (thus the 4 stars): - parking is close!  no shuttling around - John Franklin, our snowboarding instructor, was informative and helped us down the bu...

Submitted by: Dan B.

My first impression of Alpine Meadows was: "This is a lot smaller than I thought."  With an advertised area of 2000 acres, I expected something larger. (Northstar is 2400 acres).  Maybe it was because a few lifts were closed, or maybe it was the large number of expert runs that were only accessible via long traverse (I was too lazy for that). But I like the place. And here's what I like: -- The nice, large, clean main lodge with a wide breezeway for a direct route to the snow; Sizeable all-day lockers for $7; A gigantic deck with fireplace area; And most importantly, no meandering through a big ski village just to get to the lifts. -- At least 75% of the terrain is intermediate or advanced -- $15 less than N...

Submitted by: Melody L.

Major disclaimer: I don't like being in the cold, I don't like traveling too fast, I don't like dry air, I don't like having to bundle up and wear a million layers. AND ABOVE ALL ELSE, I HATE SKI LIFTS (huge fear of falling off). So, I'm not really a fan of skiing/snowboarding. BUT, ...

Submitted by: carol y.

3.5 star I had fun at Alpine but I thought the runs were more friendly. The blues were harder than Northstar but i still felt they were too short? But i really like the layout of the resort. there are so many ski lifts leading you to every inch of the mountain vs. some other resorts lifts only take you to one side the mountain. very family oriented atmosphere and lots of skiers! also, i love love love their lift access scanning. its just like the Clipper but no need to take out your ticket! your ticket is actually a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card that you can put anywhere on your body as long its between your chin and upper body. the gate automatically opens when it detects your card within your ...

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