Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Anchorage, Alaska

2999 E 154th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska 99516

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Address: 2999 E 154th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska 99516

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Kid-friendly boardwalk and an abundance of wildlife make the Coastal Wildlife Refuge a memorable sto

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Heads up: Do NOT venture out onto the mudflats, ever. These innocuous-looking sandy beaches are full of muddy, silty sand that can trap unsuspecting walkers, leading to disaster. Stay on the boardwalk, and away from the railroad tracks and mudflats. Bring warm clothing any time of year, it can be breezy at Potter Marsh. Add bug spray during the summer months. This is an excellent stop either on the way out of town, or as you arrive back in town after a road trip south. We also like to visit at the end of the day, when the air is still and songbirds fill the air with music. Do watch for moose in the willow thickets. Black bears have been spotted in the area, so be bear-aware!

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