Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa, Arizona

35 N Robson, Mesa, Arizona 85201

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Special ''Tot Square'' area specifically for kids under 2, as well as an Infant Care Area.

Address: 35 N Robson, Mesa, Arizona 85201

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Phone: 480-644-2467
Hours: Tue-Sat 10 am - 4 pm, Sun 12 pm - 4 pm More Info
Price: Adults and Children: $7, Children under 1: Free

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Submitted by: Marisa S.

This place was fantastic.  He held our organization's Holiday Party and Silent Auction here.  What a great place for kids.  My twins had a blast and the space lend itself so perfectly for our party.  The staff was very helpful and accommodating.  We moved furniture around since we had to use several table...

Submitted by: Monica J.

The hubby and I went here last weekend to see the Peanuts exhibit.  He is a big Charles Schulz fan. I had pretty low expectations because 1. It's Mesa and 2. It's a kids museum.  Not exactly how a dink wants to spend their weekend.  But we actually really enjoyed the exhibit. There were a ton of kids there who seemed to have a lot of fun getting dressed up and playing with the props. The exhibit definitely had more to offer kids than adults.  I would have enjoyed seeing more original drafts or signed pictures/copies.  But the descriptions of character development and historical anecdotes of Schulz' life were really interesting. Overall, it looked like this place doesn't have much to offer anyone over the age...

Submitted by: Melissa T.

Okay, so I didn't realize that the areas change themes every so often. And even though the first time I went I had a good experience. But this time they have "baseball history" has the theme and "music in motion". Both areas seem incomplete and lacking. We went through the whole museum and were left with expecting more. For $6.50, although inexpensive, it was not worth it. They need to have more interactive areas. There are too many areas w/paper & markers, like they were just trying to fill the area. And the Artville area is lacking as well. Since this museum is about ART why not have areas where kids can wear a smock and paint or create with play-doh? *A colorful mural would help the inside entry inside of...

Submitted by: Ada G.

This place is pretty cool - it has one area geared towards toddlers with soft building blocks, a playhouse and a little art studio. The other side of the building is for 5+ YO kids. There's a black light room where you can draw on the walls with chalk - we loved that! There's a nice art exhibit from local kids and adults. I liked all the interactiv...

Submitted by: Bri D.

I usually love museums for kids because I love playing with all the interactive stuff they usually have.  This one, eh, not so much.  We only went because they were playing host to a Cactus League exhibit and being the big baseball fans that we are, we obviously had to go.  Admission was fair, $6.50 I believe, so I suppos...

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