Arizona Science Center, Phoenix, Arizona

600 E Washington St, Phoenix, Arizona 85004

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Planetarium and IMAX require additional fee.

Address: 600 E Washington St, Phoenix, Arizona 85004

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Phone: 602-716-2000
Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am - 5 pm. More Info
Price: Adults: $14, Seniors (62+): $12, Children (3-17): $11.

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Submitted by: Eli H.

Just went to the pirate exhibit this weekend and I want to write a review because it was by far the coolest one yet.  I have been to the body exhibit, the titanic exhibit and others there.  Of course there is more to do there than just that for the kids, they blow stuff up at the lab, they have tons of cool little sections with things to do.  It is not cheap but we got the annual pass for the exhibits this year since we did the maze and we wanted to come back for the pirate and the Van Gogh exhibit coming next.  Now back to the pirate exhibit, holy cow they had a real life pirates treasure at the end that was valued at 400 million dollars!  The have tons of real "pieces of 8" they also recovered the bell fro...

Submitted by: Jennifer P.

First off, I am not a science person. Unless social sciences counts, in which case, I have a bachelors degree. My boyfriend on the other hand was raised by two Phd holding physicists and studied electrical engineering in college. He has weird accelerometer-type machines in his garage and has conversations that would make the cast of the Big Bang Theory proud. Kudos to the Arizona Science Center for offering exhibits that appealed to the both of us. We started on the 4th floor at the Solarville exhibit which focused on energy, the environment, and conservation. It talked about individual household energy usage, and ways to reduce environmental impact. The 3rd floor had the Forces of Nature and Technology exhi...

Submitted by: Mike C.

Wow, for a "kids" museum, I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of the stuff can also be applied to adults as well. And it was a great experience too. Regular price is $14, but they have a military discount of $2 off.  So it was a great deal coming here. They also offer a planetarium and an IMAX film at an additional cost. They have four floors of exhibits to explore, to get your hands on stuff, and to learn at your own pace. The first floor has the WONDER Center or the Walton Optimal Neurological Discovery Education and Research Center. Here, anything and everything you wanted to know about the human brain can be found here. They have several videos. On the other end of the floor is an exhibit all about the...

Submitted by: Chris S.

Every time I come here I am somewhat reminded of the South Park episode where the class takes a field trip to the planetarium, but Cartman sneaks off to try out for a Cheesy Poofs commercial. Yes, they have a planetarium, the Dorrance Planetarium that is. Being only one of five of its kind in the world, it is here where you can learn about Arizona skies, black holes, the stars and the planets. Ever wonder what it's like to be inside a nose or how your boogers are made? Well this is the place where you can find out. You can learn all about your body, technology and the world around you through interactive exhibits and live demonstrations taking place throughout the day. Adults are general $14, kids (3-17) $11...

Submitted by: Christine K.

The admission price is expensive; when you add the planetarium, the IMAX theatre, and any special exhibits going on, it really can add up. Many of the exhibits are geared toward little kids (10 and under).  Be warned, there is usually a TON of kids here.  And although this is a science center, it feels more like an advertisement for the local hospitals than a true science center. The Forces of Nature exhibit is fantastic.  I was bummed out when it was closed for the Body Worlds exhibit.   The planetarium is fun, I highly recommend it. Great access to the light rail, which can be a fun addition (especially during the cooler months when you don't mind taking your time walking to and from the station). I always...

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