Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum, Atlanta, Georgia

800 Cherokee Ave Se # C, Atlanta, Georgia 30315

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Address: 800 Cherokee Ave Se # C, Atlanta, Georgia 30315

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Phone: 404-624-1071
Hours: Tue-Sat 9:15 am - 4:30 pm. Closed New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
Price: Adults (13-64): $10; Seniors (65+) & Children (4-12): $8; Children under 4: Free

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Submitted by: Kristin B.

If God has a voice, I'm pretty sure it sounds like James Earl Jones.  And with James Earl Jones narrating the introductory video here at the Cyclorama, a video that has not been redone since the 1980s, it sounds like God is giving you his personal account of the Civil War, specifically the Battle of Atlanta, which is what the Cycolrama, home of the world's largest oil painting, is all about.  This historic tourist trap is definitely worth the $10 admission. From the movie, you move to the comfy bleacher like seating that's been installed on a rotating platform.  As the platform rotates, spotlights illuminate key portions of the painting and diorama (oh yes, diorama.  Bet you haven't heard that word since the...

Submitted by: Michelle A.

Every summer, when school was out and the air was getting to be muggy and hot, my daycare would load up the vans with us kids and take us to the Cyclorama. It was a fun day out in Grant Park, a chance for us to run around freely without the confinement of a chain link fence. Every kid looked forward to this trip. After all, it was better than a boring old movie theater. Here we all could pile in to a room, listen to the history of Civil War era Atlanta and the battles that took place, all while spinning around in a slow moving circle. Kids always had a blast! As an adult, I'm sure the "spinny circle" doesn't have that same sense of euphoria placed on it, but it's still a fun, unique attraction in Atlanta. Sp...

Submitted by: Ivan S.

With a friend from San Francisco and another from Florida, we were four former college buddies walking from Hank's Ice Cream and waiting for our team to tip it off against our hated rivals. But what to do with the intervening hour?  The friends had already seen the rest of Grant Park. We had no kids in tow, so, preferring to refrain from questions regarding any perceived creepiness, the zoo was out of the question.  That's when SF friend asked, "What's the deal with this Cyclorama?" "Don't know," we answered. "Wait, how long have you lived in Atlanta?" "A long time." "And how long have you lived in Grant Park?" he asked of my other friend. "The entire time." "You guys are idiots." "That we can't argue." "I'm...

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