Atlantic City Aquarium, Atlantic City, New Jersey

800 N New Hampshire Ave, Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Submitted by: Franz K.

Groupon'd it again . . . 2 tickets for $8 . . . not bad.  The aquarium, like others have said, is ideal for kids.  2 stories.  They even had an interactive session where all the kids sat down in a circle while one of the "trainers" explained things.  I thought that was real cool.  However for 2 adults, this place is very mehhhh.  Small aquarium, no big sharks, I was able to touch a ray, that was kinda neat.  Honestly, the best thing about this place was it was ICE COLD and outside was over 100 degrees . . . so it was a relief to see some fish and cool off.  Other than that, the regular price of $8 a head I think it is overpriced and really not worth the value . . . but Atlantic City isn't the most kid friend...

Submitted by: Tsai H.

It is a very tiny Aquarium and not very well maintain.  Tanks are all quite dirty inside and ou...

Submitted by: Kathy S.

It was so small and only had a minimal amount of fish. Meant more for families with very small children. They r...

Submitted by: Christopher C.

My family and I were there the week of Christmas and were very suprised that a place like this exists in A.C. It is very small and in two hours tops you will have seen everything. But the everything is very friendly ...

Submitted by: Cara G.

This aquarium is great for kids. We went on a rainy summer day down the shore. Not very big but a good way to kill an hour or so when it is raining and can't go to the beach. We have also been there when it is not raining an...

Submitted by: Ryan M.

Small for an aquarium but still a neat place.  More geared toward children as they have a lots of events for them and a few touch tanks.  You do get to touch baby sharks, rays, star...


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