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401 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park, Texas 78613

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Address: 401 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park, Texas 78613

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Phone: 512-477-8468
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Submitted by: James F.

For review purposes I picked Austin Steam Train Association vs. A Day with Thomas that happened today thru this weekend in Burnet, Texas. Little Rooster LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine; a significant portion of our paychecks go towards cute yet expensive train toys. When we found out two months ago that Thomas was coming to Burnet, we hit the web and purchased tickets. So its the same venue if you did the Hill Country Flyer to Cedar Park to Burnet. We picked the Friday option hoping for less kids because it was a school day. We arrived to a minimal crowd and began to venture around. Rooster was excited by every stop and the event staff was friendly beyond expectations. Naturally we went straight to Thomas. Took...

Submitted by: Dawn S.

My family and I rode the Mother's Day flyer this past May.  We chose this outing because my 4-year old son LOVES trains.  It was by far the best Mother's Day for me ever.  From the great service by every volunteer we encountered to the nostalgic experience of the train, the whole experience was outstanding.  Even our 8-year old daughter loved it.  A few commenters have mentioned that the scenery was not great and I agree with that.  However, the views were affected by the recent drought and are not the fault of the train route.  I recommend walking through the cars during the trip.  It was fun seeing the different layout of each car.  My family actually spent quality time together playing cards on my special...

Submitted by: Denise G.

Let me start off by saying my son is obsessed with trains.   He was totally excited about this trip. We took the Indpendence Day Flyer, which is essentially the Bertram Flyer  the day before July 4th, with a band on board.  We paid $82 for 3 people (2 adults and 1 child). What word describes this 3 hour trip?  BORING.  The train slowly pulls out of the station and then travels through Cedar Park and Leander at a snails pace.  I kept telling my son we were going to speed up and go "really fast" but the fastest the train ever got going was maybe 40 mph.  I did overhear something about why it can't go faster, but really, who cares.  A train is supposed to go FAST!   Not only was the whole ride too slow, but the...

Submitted by: Stacey M.

There's something about riding a train that is so exciting. I love the click clack sound of the train riding on the rails and the challenge of trying to walk down the train while it's moving. We went on the Hill Country Flyer day trip to Burnet last year and then last weekend took the shorter trip to Burnet and back with no stay over. The views aren't spectacular, but considering the extreme Texas drought, it's still nice, especially the rolling hills in the Burnet area. Burnet is a cute little town with cafes and antique shops. It's very walkable, though probably not so much in the summer. The train staff is always so nice. They must really love trains to volunteer their time to serve passengers. For dinner...

Submitted by: Tiffany G.

This year we decided back in March to get tickets for the North Pole Flyer train ride in December. These sold out early the previous year, so I was determined to get tickets! My daughter is three and we thought it would be perfect for her. I encountered a problem when I had an unexpected house guest. I called the steam train association, and they let me know to call at the end of the week when they normally have cancellations. When I called back, Cody remembered my name and he already set aside that extra ticket that I needed. His customer service on the phone and in person were great. The event includes free hot chocolate and a really nice old-time Santa who sat for photos prior to departure. He was on the ...

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