Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida

301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Florida 33131

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Address: 301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Florida 33131

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Phone: 305-358-7550
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Submitted by: Thais A.

I was here today for Art in the Park, for the first time. Beautiful park, right on the water. The view is incredible. The park was filled with artists, music, food, families, and the sun was definitely blazing down on us. A lot of the reviews mention the park being littered with homeless people and dog poop. ...

Submitted by: Carla L.

I have lived in Miami for a while now and have seen this area get nicer and nicer.  I even remember a time that Bayside didn't exist.  Now, the park is a go-to place for free Yoga and other awesome events.  Flugtag, concerts and ...

Submitted by: Ginnette G.

Great park to be at. Enjoy the serenity of the bay and city views. Constant police/security patrol day & night. Perfect for your family, kid(s) & dog(s). ...

Submitted by: John L.

Awesome views, lots of stores, restaurants nearby at the bayside marketplace...

Submitted by: Alejandra M.

I love Bayfront Park. My experience here is always a nice one! It has awesome views, I feel relaxed here and what's there not to love about the shoppin...

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