Big Apple Circus, New York City, New York

Lincoln Center, New York City, New York 10023

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Address: Lincoln Center, New York City, New York 10023

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Phone: 800-922-3772
Hours: Circus open seasonally. For additional details, check schedule. More Info
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Submitted by: Brian S.

Took my 2 toddler sons to a performance of the Big Apple Circus this past weekend.  It's located over by the Lincoln Center, which makes it very convenient.  They do have a stroller check, but that can be a pain, so I'd recommend leaving the stroller at home if feasible. The show itself is a manag...

Submitted by: Michelle M.

Firstly, I expected the stage to be a big bigger. As we got seated, my friend commented on the tiny stage and was disappointed with the space. I was hoping for more animals, but there was a lot more "magic" and "performances". If you intend on attending the Big Apple Circus for elephants doing jumping jacks... this is not for you. We did see some odd animals like the porcupine, a FAT pig, and some other animal I could not identify. Again, It is mostly performances and theatrics. There's lip syncing, it's like a little mini play that goes in sync with the "Dream Big" theme. It's very cute, but sadly I wanted to see more animals doing some wacky tricks, lol. It was enjoyable if I had children with me, but unfo...

Submitted by: David S.

Great show this year - it will be fun for kids and ...

Submitted by: Nicole J.

We went to see Big Apple Circus in its opening week here in Northern Virginia, and it turned out to be quite a treat. The show itself was well-conceived and well-executed, but it still had the all-too-human elements of occasional mistakes (the narrator character referring to "Grandma" as "he", an uncooperative capybara and a few misses on the trapeze come to mind) that made it all the more charming, in my book. There was a nice variety in the acts, and they kept the show moving in spite of a few production hiccups. They also win points with me because they use a limited number of animals, and the animals they have are not the large exotics such as elephants and tigers. Not only does this make for a smaller-s...

Submitted by: Mandy O.

I haven't been to a circus since I was 10. That's almost 20 years........ Great, now I'm already feeling old and it isn't even noon. We scored free tickets from my boyfriend's job so it isn't something I would have shelled out money for being that I don't have any kids. Anyways, I'm not usually a big fan of circuses in general because of the treatment of the animals, I read that this was animal friendly as they only had some miniature horses, goats and dogs, however, they lose a star because they made the goats ride on the back of the ponies and frankly, I thought the goats looked terrified and it would have been disastrous if one had fallen. That kinda ruined my circus experience for the rest of the night. ...

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