Billy Bob’s Texas, Fort Worth, Texas

2520 Rodeo Plz, Fort Worth, Texas 76164

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Billy Bob's is an all-ages venue, but minors must be accompanied either by their parents or a guardian.

Address: 2520 Rodeo Plz, Fort Worth, Texas 76164

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Phone: 817-624-7117
Hours: Mon-Sat 11 am - 2 am, Sun 12 pm - 2 am. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
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Submitted by: Jonathan W.

Yup. This IS Texas. You imagine how a foreigner would picture a Texas bar if they had only watch roadhouse movies and westerns and this place would fit the bill. $2.50 for the live rodeo show. $1 quarter pool tables. Slot...

Submitted by: Nancy P.

We had heard about this place, but never went. We went on a date night for a concert. It is huge. It is country. The bull riding was fabulous because you get to get up close and see more of what's going on. There are more bars than you can shake a stick at. The house band that played before our concert was pr...

Submitted by: Krista E.

Any red blooded Texan who's worth a darn has been to Billy Bob's and if your lucky woke up the next morning from your drunken stupor to tell about it! I went to a Hank Williams Jr. concert here years ago, and was molested 6 times (5 of which I slightly enjoyed) ended up with a pocket full of phone numbers, but couldn't remember which number when with which Cowboy so I threw them all away! Cowboys should give out business cards with their picture so I can remember who's who! Billy Bob's has become a little too commercialized, over the years, and while I'm all for families having a nice fun place to go - I can't imagine taking my kids to a bar, even if they do have a gift shop, its really NOT a place for kids ...

Submitted by: deno f.

NOTE:  Just because you CAN take your kids in somewhere does not mean you SHOULD.  Yes, any age can go into Billy Bob's.  It's a Fort Worth landmark.  But it's a honky tonk...a bar...c'mon people have a brain cell.  I'm drunk.  That half-naked stripper girl is drunk.  That guy starting the fight is drunk.  The band up on the stage is drunk.  You--dancing on the dance floor with your kids to inappropriate music upset that all the drunk people are bumping into you--can get way on over it and take your inbred hobo children out to the car and drive back to your hotel.  Bring them during the day when the rodeo is going on then LEAVE.  *gets off soap box* Ahem--the review.  I like Billy Bob's.  I go here once a ye...

Submitted by: Eric T.

Heard about it but was reluctant to go because I'm far from honky-tonk. But I went a couple weeks ago because legendary bluesman B.B. King was performing there. He put on a great show, filling the gaps between songs and solos with stories and jokes, often involving...

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