Birch Aquarium at Scripps, San Diego, California

2300 Expedition Way, San Diego, California 92037

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Address: 2300 Expedition Way, San Diego, California 92037

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Phone: 858-534-3474
Hours: Mon-Sun 9 am - 5 pm. Closed New Year's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. More Info
Price: Adult (18+): $14; Children (3-17): $9.50; Children under 3: Free; Seniors & Students: $10; Military: $12 More Info

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Submitted by: Erica P.

Grab your red cap and a speedo! It's time to have a Team Zissou celebration to commemorate my 100th Yelp Review!   Just over 10 years ago, Chun P. and I became amateur oceanographers.  We studied up, set up a 50 gallon tank in our living room and under the tutelage of Ron at Octopuss Garden set up an awesome salt-water fish tank with three inhabitants: Puff the Porcupine Pufferfish, Zeus the Longhorn Cowfish and Pouffy, a Spotted Boxfish.  (Now, before we had these stellar inhabitants we circulated through a few blue damsels and returned them back to the store, but that's all part of establishing your tank.)   Zeus and Pouffy lived till nearly 8 and 9 respectively, and Puff is still going strong.  But we are...

Submitted by: Julia S.

A very good, fun aquarium that is great for families. Birch is a much smaller aquarium and in no means measures up to Monterey Bay but still...

Submitted by: Brittany R.

Such a nice place to visit! My husband and I went here on a recent trip to San Diego and spent a few hours looking at the various exhibits and watching the kelp forest dance back and forth on a foggy midweek day last week. I was enthralled with the wolf eels and sea horses and was mesmerized by the kelp forest with great seating for those in  the same mindset. While I could have done without the global warming exhibits, it is to be expected and  if we weren't interested we moved on. The video news cast was hilarious and if we had children I could see how this  place would be a lot of fun. Catching the tidepool feeding was fun and the staff was informative and nice, giftshop with allowed me to buy a "I'm crab...

Submitted by: Jacqueline T.

In terms of an aquarium.. I've definitely seen a lot better. If you're planning on seeing sealife in SanDiego : best to go to SeaWorld. But if you're travelling around with your GoCard like me. Be sure to drop by for the view of the Ocean from a top!! The view is breath taking worth a 10 minute stop. It is also very child friendly.. and more hands ...

Submitted by: Michelle T.

Even though this place is small for an aquarium, I still enjoy coming here, even if it's to see the same exhibits again and again.  They've got a great variety of coastal California fish, and if you bother to read the signs and watch the videos you can even learn a lot.  This place has a heavy emphasis on marine preservation if that's your kind of thing. I think my two favorite exhibits are the seahorses and the kelp forest.  With the seahorses you can see everything, from how they camouflage their colors to how they are born (you can even see tiny baby seahorses!)  I think the seahorses are just so vibrantly beautiful and colorful- my favorite is probably the leafy sea dragon.  The kelp forest is one huge w...

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