Bishop Museum, Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii

1525 Bernice St, Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii 96817

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Though the collection of Hawaiian artifacts may not hold many kids' attention for long, there's a free outdoor hula show daily, a planetarium and a volcanoes exhibit that gets kids up close and personal with how lava works.

Address: 1525 Bernice St, Honolulu/Waikiki, Hawaii 96817

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Phone: 888-777-7443
Hours: Wed-Mon 9 am - 5 pm. Closed Christmas Day. More Info
Price: Adults (13-64): $17.95; Senior (65+) and Children (4-12): $14.95; Children under 4: Free More Info

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Submitted by: Tani S.

This museum is fascinating for both children and adults alike and after so much beach time it was nice to head to a cultural institution. The main bishop museum building with its open atrium like center having animals hanging from the ceiling reminded me so much of Cambridge, Harvard Museum of Natural History but organized much better.  Reading about Hawaii's route to statehood was both interesting and depressing (hadn't realized there was controversy surrounding that issue) and the exhibits were organized and presented wonderfully.   Our daughter loved the science center with the volcano at the center piece (I wish we had more time to actually read and watch the video...but as four year olds are she was bus...

Submitted by: Lanny H.

The highlight of this museum for us was the dinosaur exhibit.  I was expecting fossils and maybe models, but these animatronics were pretty impressive.  My kid was a bit scared, they were so realistic.  The ...

Submitted by: Ed L.

The Bishop Museum is pretty amazing. It's one of those museums that houses alot of Hawaiian heritage and cultural items and showcases it to the world.  Something to treasure if you are a resident of these islands and something cool to take back with you, if you are visiting.  Some Hawaiian artifacts date back to pre colonization, so it was cool to see them preserved and displayed.  The planetarium is a marvel to witness. I have seen the planetarium show a few times, but I admit the show can be quite boring.  Sill its quite mesmerizing to be in there anyway. I only go there when they advertise "family sundays", in which admission is free.  All other times, the admission is $18 per person. Yes, I do admit that...

Submitted by: Nicole K.

I am such a huge fan of Bishop Museum.  I remember going here for fieldtrips and always having fun.  I loved the planetarium and learning about the stars and the constellations. But I've come here recently for work, and I felt like a kid again.  It is a tad bit expensive, but if you get a membership for the year I think that's well worth it.  They have different exhibits, so there's always a reason to go.   Not only do they have different exhibits, they also have events here.  I recently went to a book signing and for the unveiling of the solar panels.  It's so amazing how far Bishop Museum has come since I was a child.   I do wish that parking was a little bit better, but hey, I'm willing to search and wait...

Submitted by: Jennifer P.

Just ok. I thought the admission was a bit expensive($18 a person) for what we were able to see. One of the halls was closed, so couldn't go in. We did the planetarium navigation show which is 45 minutes long. I felt like I was in a middle school science class, lol, but it was informative and I did learn a few things. The main hall with all of the Polynesian culture was the best. Definitely learned a lot and my favorite actually was the Kahili room that showcased different Kahilis and had portraits of the Hawaiian monarchs. I'm into history so that was great for me. My bf and I strolled through the dinosaur exhibit. Meh. It was definitely geared toward younger kids. We got bored so we went to the cafeteria t...

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