Black Rock on Ka'anapali Beach, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Hawaii

The end of Ka'anapali Pkwy, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

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Address: The end of Ka'anapali Pkwy, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

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Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Brandon Y.

We heard of this place from a couple of sources. We were staying up the beach at the Westin - Kaanapaili, so took the hotel's  shuttle to the sister hotel ... the Sheraton. Nice not having to worry about driving for a change! It's a nice beach with to swim and sunbathe as well. The Black Rock was pretty obvious as the one with people diving from the top of the rock. The large rock formation extends from the beach into the water like a jetty.  Just as soon as we got in, we saw a green sea turtle, then another one. It seems there was a family of them there, and you could swim up face to face with them. They were eating the seaweed amongst the rocks real close to the beach in like 4 feet of water. A crowd of pe...

Submitted by: Glenn G.

I've been lucky enough to vacation both in Hawaii (on Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island) and in the Caribbean (most recently St. John, Grand Cayman, and Belize).  Generally, I find that I prefer the "out of water" experience (i.e., beaches, restaurants, day-to-day flavor) in Hawaii but I find the "in the water" experience better in the Caribbean.  In Belize, for example, the water is clearer than in Hawaii and the world's second largest barrier reef comes almost all the way to the shore at one point, so diving and snorkeling are spectacular! That said I still find Hawaii the best mix of civilization and tropical paradise.  When I go to the Caribbean, I really enjoy my vacations but after a week or ten days, I'...

Submitted by: Su-Lynn T.

Blackrock is our favorite place for snorkeling on Maui. It has an easy entry into the water, no large waves to knock you over as you're trying to get your mask and fins on. The area near the rock has a lot of sea life, different kinds of fish, and also giant sea turtles. They swim up so close sometimes you can reach out and touch them (don't do that though). We even saw a baby stingray once, which my husband was thrilled about. We went in early/mid November and never had an issue with the beaches being closed due to high surf, but that can happen at any unprotected beach during winter. Every day at sunset, a guy walks to the edge of the blackrock and lights the tiki torches, and then dives down into the wate...

Submitted by: Lois M.

We went snorkeling at Black Rock three times during our recent trip to Hawaii.  It is definitely good snorkeling, though not my favorite (that is Honolua Bay).  I also like Kapalua Bay north side better than Black Rock.   But Black Rock is really convenient if you want a quick snorkel and you are staying at Ka'anapali Beach.  The beach is nice and sandy for a good, easy snorkeling entry and for beach play, too.   You can't go out very far at Black Rock.  You get beyond the reef pretty quickly. My sister-in-law is native Hawaiian and told us to stay away from Black Rock because it has a dangerous current near the point.  We heard about this current from two different employees at the Maui Dive Shop also.  My ...

Submitted by: .n y.

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! snorkel gear and underwater camera is a must. took a while to get the snorkling down , but by the end of the day you should be able to dive down and swim with the fish as if you were in a swimming pool. i'm no biologist but i saw atleast 25 different species of fish along the...

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