Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, Kahului, Hawaii

1 Kahului Airport Rd, Kahului, Hawaii

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Submitted by: JN B.

Flew with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours for my wife's birthday on our first ever trip to Maui.  Overall experience was great, from their office personnel and ground crew to the pilot.   We booked a tour on their Ecostars for a party of 4: me, my wife and our young son and daughter.  I understand about the weight distribution being calculated by a computer, so I was concerned that we might not get favorable seats.  As they lined us up to board, they placed my daughter, myself, another couple behind me, then my wife and my son.  I knew then that my wife was going to be in the back seat.  As the ground crew-member was beginning to explain to me about operating the door release in an emergency I asked her if I ...

Submitted by: Somnath M.

Yes, I saw some of the ratings here and there. So I put my trust in the ratings and paid over $1400 for me, my wife and two kids. A helicopter can take only six + one pilot. Despite repeated requests to have two front seats, they put us all on the back seat evidently to "balance the weight". They put a big Texan and his wife on the front seat. Those two outweighed my entire family. When taking off the chopper leaned heavily to the right before the pilot corrected it. So much for weight distribution. First we flew towards a canyon on the West Maui mountains. One waterfall and then a long flight over the ocean back towards our "stop". During the flight the pilot was unentertaining to say the least. During the ...


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