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Boat Tours -- Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown, Provincetown, Massachusetts

307 Commercial St, Provincetown, Massachusetts

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Whales Galore -

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Tips for Families

Take dramamine for sea sickness before getting on the boat. Stick with carbs for snacks - bring sunscreen. Although there are plenty of indoor seats with windows, you want to be outside looking at the whales all around you. They are so close- it's beautiful! Even restless children are captivated to see something so massive and alive right next to your boat!

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Submitted by: Nyc L.

We enjoyed the whale watching tour, absolutely the highlight of our Cape Cod vacation.  My son wants to write an email to his 2nd grade teacher about this experience!  We learned so m...

Submitted by: kim f.

Most amazing experience! Numerous breaching hump back whales surrounding the boat. ( Wish the naturalist knew more and could answer questions, mostly replied "I don't know". (Hey, at least he's honest!:) TRAFFIC: Got stuck in 3 hours of traffic! (Normally should have been 40 minutes...

Submitted by: Maryann O.

Our family of 4 just took this tour yesterday. The Dolphin Fleet tour was recommended by a local. I do think they may be a little pricier than others (we paid 39.00 each with AAA discount and we saw signs for 34.00-36.00 on the docks for other tours). However, this is a responsible tour company with respect to the sea life. They love their whales and have a conservationist on board who knows EVERYTHING there is to know about whales and sea life in general. They also support whale research. We were on their newest boat and it was spotless and our cruise was very smooth. Crew was friendly and let the patrons get up and move around once we were out of the harbor. If you get on early (line up in front of the boa...

Submitted by: Rebecca M.

I have been going on Dolphin Fleet whale watches *gulp* for over 30 years.  We went on them when I was a kid, and now I take my kids on one every summer when we go to the Cape.  I have only ever been on one trip, during that whole period when we didn't see any whales.  The tours would have to be pretty damn special for me to keep shelling out money for this many years in a row. This year, we were treated to a brand new boat.  Although the boats have always been clean, and freshly painted, this year was outstanding.  There is plenty of space both inside the boat and out for everyone to see when the whales are close, and to be inside on the rides to and from the dock. This year we saw about 8 whales on our exc...

Submitted by: julie S.

I just went on my second whale watch a few days ago. I've never tried their food, but I think it's silly that people expect gourmet burgers on a whale watching boat. Just bring a snack or eat before getting on the boat. If you have kids, just make sure you get on the boat early and find a good spot. Don't get mad that a bunch of people are blocking your kid's view...people tend to get very excited on whale watches. You can't really blame them for wanting a good spot. I'd recommend trying to get to the very front of the boat with your kid. Or maybe somewhere on the top of the boat with the naturalist/tour guide. It's a fun experience, and the naturalist was really knowledgeable....I actually learned a lot abo...

Submitted by: Patricia H.

We had a fabulous time on our whale watch cruise once we got over the fact that 4-6 foot swells were projected and they were giving out free Dramamine in the galley! After about an hours cruise to get to the deep water outside the cove, we began to see whale after whale after whale.  We saw about 18 Humpback whales feeding all around the boat.  They were actually swimming around with their mouths open to catch the fish - pretty amazing sight!   There was a mother/baby pair and she was showing the baby how to feed.  We also saw a couple of minke whales as well as a fin back whale, which was so long we couldn't even see it's whole body. The naturalist on board was very informative and helpful, and pointed out ...

Submitted by: Quinn E.

I know going on a whale watch is the cheesiest, most touristy thing people do when visiting the cape. But I don't care, it's freaking fun! We went out on an early-ish trip, at 10. We didn't get back until 1:30, so the trip is pretty long. We brought snacks and sunblock, so it was all good. And man, we saw a ton (well, they're like 34 tons each so we saw hundreds of tons) of whales, including 2 pairs of mother and baby whales! Awww! The Dolphin Fleet in particular was our choice because they allow you to buy online (and save $3 a ticket) and they seemed really educated about the marine life and environment. They were, but I kind of tuned out during the bio lesson. I wish their fleet ran on biodiesel, but the ...


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