Bodies: The Exhibition, New York City, New York

11 Fulton St, New York City, New York 10038

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Address: 11 Fulton St, New York City, New York 10038

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Phone: 646-747-5663
Hours: Sun-Thu 10 am - 7 pm, Fri-Sat 10 am - 9 pm.
Price: Adults (13-54): $28.85; Children (4-12): $22.32; Seniors: $24.50

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Submitted by: Mercy A.

I've seen this exhibit labeled as a "must visit" for NYC tourists.  I am not a tourist, but I do hope those visitors don't pay full price to come to this exhibit. We used a Groupon and got a great dea. The preservation of the bodies is indeed a pretty cool thing and bring able to see inside of ones body is so intriguing and informative.  You have to read a lot, so younger children may get bored easily unless you purchased the children's guided tour.  The part of the exhibit where they display fetuses can be quite disturbing, so decide carefully if you want to enter.   We played the mind/stress game and we didn't think it was authentic.   If you're studying biology or physiology I think you'll like this.  I d...

Submitted by: Heather H.

This place is def interesting.  I saw this exhibit years ago but I'm assuming it hasn't changed much.  It was a little "gross" at first but once I was there I figured I better make it a learning experience and became interested.  Seeing the pregnant woman with the baby in her stomach was really sad and ...

Submitted by: Breno N.

I can easily say I learned a lot with this exhibition. The human bodies and organs are very well exposed; you can get close and personal. Staff is always circling around asking if you have any questions. And they are pretty knowledgeable. It's definitely a good program for a family to go in a Sunday morning. By the way, it's worth paying the extra for the Dialog in the Dark. You'll experience typical NYC places and situations in a pitch black environment. You'll have to buy groceries, catch a subway, walk in a park without being able to see a thing, using a cane, and being helped by partially or totally blind guides (after all, they're used to such environment). It's a unique experience. You quickly learn ho...

Submitted by: Darlene G.

This is okay. My husband really enjoyed it. My favorite part was the fetus section. It amazing to see a baby grow from this tiny little thing. What I...

Submitted by: Eva Z.

Regardless of our Groupon half off deal, this place was STILL overpriced, it ran us nearly $30, who'd pay $27.5 per person for an exhibit that's shrinking and more importantly is so disturbing. Since the controversy surrounding the origins of the humans on display one quarter of it has been 'shipped back to China'.   I wish I read Jeannie M's review prior t...

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