Boston Common, Boston, Massachusetts

Beacon St & Charles St, Boston, Massachusetts 02139

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Kids will enjoy the carousel, the Frog Pond--a spray pool with wading in the summer, a skating rink in the winter--and the Tadpole Playground.

Address: Beacon St & Charles St, Boston, Massachusetts 02139

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Phone: 617-357-8300
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Beautiful Spot For a Picnic in Boston

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Tips for Families

Bring along food and a blanket to enjoy a picnic in the spring, summer, or fall.

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Submitted by: Janet D.

Being together with my 13 year old daughter 24/7 inside a Mini Cooper or a "cozy" hostel room for the past 21 (of 45!) days has been perplexingly pleasant. I say perplexingly because we've invaded each other's space far more in our 2,400 square foot home. Our mutual conclusion is that we are lacking certain "stressors" on this trip and our female vibes are completely in sync. But, as I walked to Boston Common alone, I remembered the key lesson I learned back in Austin...occasional bouts of air conditioned solitude preserve pleasant. She didn't know what she was missing. Who am I kidding? I would have just gotten an eye roll, fake gasp and or "Really, Mom???" if I told her she was walking in the U.S.A.'s olde...

Submitted by: Andrea B.

I've only ever been to the Boston Common during the spring or summer, and it is beautiful.  Like everyone else at this park, I love just sitting in the shade in the grass, or if it's not too hot, in the sun.  I don't remember this at all, but my parents told me that we had picnics here frequently, and that I absolutely loved playing in the frog pond when I was little (not unlike just about every other kid at the park). More recently though, my friend and I almost met an early demise at this lovely park.  We had just emerged from one of the little parking garage buildings and were looking for the T stop.  We were just walking along, minding our own business, when someone runs up to us and yells at us to move....

Submitted by: Jessica S.

Beautiful. In Boston with my husband and 17 month old son for a wedding.  We visited the park & the public garden several times.  The frog pond was great fun, my son could ...

Submitted by: panayiota b.

May not be my favourite park-area in the City of Boston (that goes to the Esplanade) but it is still great to have a park in the middle of the city.  In the winter there is an ice skating rink if you don't want to skate at your own risk at the Public Garden pond when it freezes over. In the summer the ice skating rink is transformed into a ...

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