Boston Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts

Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts 02210

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With clean water, 19 miles of public swimming beaches, and dozens of civic, cultural, historic and recreational destinations, the Boston Harbor Region is a great place for residents and visitors alike.

Address: Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts 02210

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Phone: 617-451-2860
Hours: Open all hours.
Price: Admission is free.

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Tips for Families

There are many children's museums and attractions and places to shop around the harbor (not to mention the aquarium), but many tourists might not realize that there are also many beautiful parks nearby, such as the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area / State Park. Ferries are available, but as of this posting, some only run on Saturdays. You'll definitely want to plan ahead and make some calls if you want to check it out during your visit. If you're interested in the Civil War, George's Island is home to a former prison for Confederate soldiers. The harbor area is also dotted with lighthouses. You can download lighthouse maps and walking tours online.

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If you can deal with (absolutely!) zero frills and are willing to make some serious compromises outside of basic cleanliness for accommodations, the Midtown downtown is dirt cheap compared to most Boston hotels. Unpretentious is an understatement. They have their own parking area - no street parking necessary - and it's close to the T and Copley Place. Our room was fine for us, but the hotel itself at the time of our visit was like a slightly depressing dormitory. We got a huge room for $99/night with two large beds. It can be even cheaper if you sign up for their email updates and capitalize on a sale. If you want a hotel with a good location in Boston on the cheap or if you need someplace downtown that welcomes pets, give The Midtown a try.

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