Brazos Bend State Park, Needville, Texas

21901 FM 762, Needville, Texas 77461

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The main draw of this park is the chance to get up close and personal with alligators in their natural habitats. Keep an eye -- and hand -- on children who to tend to wander off on their own, or skip it all together.

Address: 21901 FM 762, Needville, Texas 77461

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Phone: 979-553-5102
Hours: Mon-Sun 8 am - 10 pm
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Edward W.

Screaming kids!  wtf is with all the ritalin laced crazy kids? 200+ Boy Scout cubs and Girl Scout brownies!  What a nightmare! You know what happens when you have so many kids together?  It becomes a Jumanji nightmare!   My biggest mistake was camping here on the weekend with 200+ kids.  My friends and I have been planning this camping trip for 2 months.  We reserved 5 campsites for two nights at the primitive camping area, meaning we camped with no electricity and supposedly in a secluded area in the woods.  We came in on a Friday and it was nice and quiet.  Then when it got to 7PM we were overwhelmed with screaming kids. You would figure that being cub scouts they have some discipline but I guess whistle b...

Submitted by: Jackie M.

we used to come to this park from time to time when i was a kid.  we didn't know what it was called when we were kids, so we called it alligator park, since there's alligators all over the place.  i've never seen a park ranger, or any other employee on the grounds other than at the toll booth.  i'm not sure how many accidents happen each year, or if the alligators simply aren't interested in eating people, but it amazes me that there are no barriers between us and them.  i even remember one time when an alligator was sunbathing on one of the trails, and we were stupid enough to step right over it and continue hiking. as previously mentioned, there are trails for hiking and biking.  there are also lakes, but ...

Submitted by: Victor B.

This place is beutiful. I come here every other week with my grandmother to fish. The park is amazing. The birds, alligators, everything. The fish dont bite when it is hot I only caught 1 bass in 6 hours. Now me and my grandmother go right when they open (7am) and they bite like crazy. (...

Submitted by: Meticulously p.

Love it! I would have chosen five stars, but I need to take a dip in some type of water after hihking/biking. I don't dare swim in these swamps with those gators lurking. If you visit during the summer or late spring early fall you will for sure see those giants. although they do not like extreme heat.They are huge. don't settle for a little gator or baby, keep looking. they love to lay and bake in the sun. my hubby and i also visit and take the bikes. it is a nice bike trail. in the late fall and early spring it is very scenic not to mention beautiful weather-. don't see many when it is cold. park has an observatory as well. you can look tjrough telescopes on Fri and Sat nites during the summer $5.00pp. I w...

Submitted by: Noelle A.

This park is absolutely gorgeous in terms of swamp land, moss hanging from trees, streams, trails, plants, animals (and insects), etc.   I saw lots of alligators (big and small). It was unnerving and exciting how close they were to the trails (some of them were ON the trail) and utterly scary how quickly they could move when disturbed. I throughly enjoyed my experience there but, word to the wise: If you visit this park... 1. DO NOT FEED THE ALLIGATORS. You're teaching them to associate people with food. Here's your sign. 2. If you take your kids (it's great for educational purposes), for the love of god, do NOT let them run around willy-nilly. While I was there I saw several parents allow their children to ...

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