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Caesars Palace Hotel Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada


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Santa Monica, California

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Great Hotel for kids and adults

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The buffet tend to be very crowded, go early or you can find yourself in a 3 (!) hours line.

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Submitted by: Alanna

Room was what we expected. Also cleaned early. Was like staying in asmall city. Access point to all of Vegas was good...

Submitted by: Ann

The location was good The staff was unfriendly. Horrible view from our r...

What you pay what you get

Submitted by: Mei Mei

1st I called ahead to resever 2 connecte room cuz my grandmom had a wheelchair when the time check in ...

Submitted by: Miriam

Art, sculptures, and show. I had to call to fix a non-func...

Submitted by: Mary-jane

Arrived at 1:00 a.m. Check in went smoothly and we were given a room upgrade as I had an extra person with me. We were given a late ...

Submitted by: Anonymous

We love the elegant surroundings, the grandeur and the the shops. It'slocation is tops, there's a restaurant everywhere....

Submitted by: Alfredo

Great decoration and fabulous shopping center at the hotel. Verycomfortable beds. I have been in other hotels on the strip and the price/value is not th...

No need to endure the strip

Submitted by: CC

Been to Vegas many times; this was the first stay at Caesars... I will certainly return. Stayed in the Forum Tower, which was clean and conveniently located near the shopping, the Forum Casino, sports book, and poker. There is PLENTY to do on this massive property... eat, swim (at the spectacular, picturesque swimming pools- more than 5 of them), shop […] at the Forum Shops, gamble in the well-ventilated casino, and work out at the very nice workout facility ($25 extra per day). When I decided (wrongfully) to take a walk on the strip and was surrounded by drunk, loud, and trashy people, I found myself saying "why did I leave Caesars?". Truly, there is so much to do on the property, that there is no reason le...

Standing in line

Submitted by: Kilmadrine

the checkout and taxi lines were ridiculously long a...


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