Castles-n-Coasters, Phoenix, Arizona

9445 N Metro Pkwy E, Phoenix, Arizona 85051

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Address: 9445 N Metro Pkwy E, Phoenix, Arizona 85051

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Phone: 602-997-7575
Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun: 10 am - 12 am, Fri-Sat: 10 am - 1 am More Info
Price: Miniature Golf: $8 per person. All-day ride packages available ranging from $25- $35. Individual ride pricing may be available, check prices. More Info

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Submitted by: T B.

OK, I have driven by this place many times. Finally stopped by with family to play miniature golf. Place is immacula...

Submitted by: Micah B.

It had been years since I played a round of mini golf.  I had been to Metro Mall a few times but payed not attention to the attraction sharing a parking lot.  Word of mouth was not very good and the place was described as "ghetto Six Flags" a few times.  It came up, however, in a discussion about mini golf and was told they had a nice course. I rounded up two friends and we gave it a whirl.  We played course one and had a great time.  Many of the holes were similar but it was still fun and at times frustrating (which always adds to the experience). Afterward I scoped out the arcade.  If you love pinball you need to check this place out.  Castles-n-Coasters has the biggest selection I have seen in one place. ...

Submitted by: Myke R.

My kids love this place.  It gets them hours of entertainment - rides, arcade, golf.  It's a little like going to the fair or a carnival, but some of it's indoors - important in the summer. On our most recent visit, my 11yr old and I were wanting to play some video games. Originally we planned to go to GameWorks, but thats about 35 miles from us. Castles n Coasters is maybe 10 miles and the best arcade I know of west of I-17.   We started out with a round of golf since we were there.  I think $8 per golfer is a bit steep, but that's what I get for not coupon hunting beforehand.  We were bad and didn't keep score, didn't keep to one course and we had a blast on a relatively cool July evening.  We got there af...

Submitted by: Mike H.

This is pretty much all you got here in AZ, I guess.  And for that kinda big but still small fun, it does its job. I can honestly say that in the midst of the fun with the kids that I somewhat forgot I was in a small place in Phoenix.  It has a big amusement park feel because of the layout and of course the sounds of rides everywhere.  The atmosphere actually hits the mark. Adults CAN have fun here if they don't take things too seriously or expect too much.  This isn't Cedar Point.  This is a big permanent carnival, minus the house-o-fun.  And you're not going to get high-end rides here.  So as long as you go in knowing that this is going to be a "eh, good enough" type ordeal, you'll be good. The big coaster...

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