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Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, Georgia

285 International Blvd NW, Atlanta, Georgia

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Walk in the Footsteps of Olympic Athletes

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Submitted by: Tom D.

I have been around Atlanta a few times and I would have to say I never really spent any time at Centennial Park. I had no idea how expansive this park was and all the things you can do in this park. Centennial Park...

Submitted by: Nekiba M.

My review is related to the ice skating rink at Centennial Olympic Park.  The skating rink at Centennial is covered outdoor rink.  The price is $7 for admission for 90 minutes and $2 for skate rental.  I've heard so much about ice skating at Centennial but I've never been until today.   I was surprised the rink was smaller than I original thought which was not a problem because I don't skate and it wasn't crowded.  There were a couple of food stands and vending machines located at the skating rink which sold basic snack foods such as hot dogs, popcorn, sodas, and such so be sure you have eaten before coming here.  I was kinda of sad the hot chocolate was sold in a vending machine because I really wanted a re...

Submitted by: Teri D.

We had a ball here!  Right behind our hotel so we walked in, out, through many times during our stay.  I can only imagine how the grounds looked during the peak of the growing season, but there were still enough trees showing their fall foliage and some flowers still in bloom to make it green enough. Pretty much it's just a nice walk about but if you have kids in tow, the two playgrounds are great to turn your little one loose while you sit on a bench and watch.  Unless its inundated by other parents and strollers, then bench seating gets a bit slim.  But watch out for them and the dancing fountain unless its warm enough and you don't mind letting them get soggy. We saw people playing football, laying in the...

Submitted by: Val B.

This is a beautiful 21 acre park designed to commerate the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games and to revitalize a depressed area of town.  The park hosts festivals, fundraisers, private events, and attracts many visitors.  It's located in Downtown Atlanta near the CNN Center, Georgia Dome, Georgia Aquariam, and the World of Coke (all great places I visited, by the way).  Traffic is very heavy and parking is expensive.  Taking the MARTA is advisable. It was a welcome sight after a long day of seminars to see the Olympic Rings lit and the fountains going against the Atlanta skyline at night.   During the heat of Summer, it's a welcome cool down area for kids who enjoy  playing in the fountains.  There's lots of roo...

Submitted by: Gordon M.

I absolutely enjoyed this day.  Leaving that Underground bat-cave and Chess playing people and finding the Centennial Olympic Park was such a life saver for me.   My party and I took refuge under what shade we could find.  Lots and lots of benches to sit on.   I think they should install some comfortable seating or a swing or two but the water rocketing our of the ground seemed to be enough for the what seemed like a thousand kids playing in the water.  Kid are running around everywhere.  I bought my five dollar beer and my bud tried their in his words "delicious" burger.  We were both in our own heavens.  I was even allowed to smoke a cig with all those kids around it's crazy.  You're crazy!  You are crazy ...

Submitted by: Jimmy D.

This is a super cool park! Located across from the Georgia Aquarium, and World of Coke in the heart of downtown Atlanta it's a great way to unwind after all the activities. Walking through here on a Sunday afternoon after gawking at fish and coke I spotted all types of people enjoying themselves here. The park's designers created a great space with plen...

Submitted by: Michelle A.

I kind of feel old knowing that this used to be a dumpy part of town where you didn't shown your face if you didn't a) know people and b) pack heat. And let's face it: at barely 12 years old, I didn't pack much except my backpack for school, and even then, mom had it covered. Enter the 1996 Olympics: MARTA cleaned up and the city scrambled to make something fancy out of nothing. It was the birth of Centennial Olympic Park, complete with bricks adorned with names of various people crazy enough to pay for one (yes, I have one...). It's not much of a park and it's pretty small, but some nice family events do come through here. It's easy to make a touristy day in the area, complete with lunch in the grass. Just ...

Submitted by: Daniel B.

I came here with the intention of reviewing Centennial's ice skating rink, but I guess I'll review the park as a whole as well. First, the ice skating rink.  It closed for the season on Saturday (January 30th).  Centennial's ice skating season runs from November to January and has been in operation for many years.  Their rink is Atlanta's only outdoor ice skating rink.  As such, it can get very cold while you're skating here, especially when it gets windy.  Definitely bundle up on those colder days and nights.  Also, since it's outdoor, it's not as intimate as some indoor rinks like the one at Piedmont Park (The Rink at Park Tavern). The ice skating here is pretty affordable ($7 to skate, $2 to rent skates, ...

Submitted by: Kathleen M.

While it could certainly use some improvements I'm just glad Downtown has something like this. What would we have done without the Olympics? An oasis for the cubicle dwellers and a hotspot for tourists, Centennial Olympic Park is the perfect spot to spend a minute or two on a nice day. It's centrally located amongst the big tourist traps so beware that it isn't necessarily made for locals, even though we can enjoy it just the same. I love all of the benches and stairs that become the perfect spot to read a book. I love the constant splashing of the fountains and the joyous shrieks of children playing within. I love the little patches of well manicured green spread throughout. I love finding my family's brick...


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