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Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta, Georgia

1404 Spring St NW, Atlanta, Georgia

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Save time before or after the kids shows for the Create a Puppet Workshop. Most shows have a talk back session afterwards so you can talk to the puppeteers. Free parking is available on site.

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Submitted by: yolanda a.

I have seen several plays here with my son. The Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer has to be my one of my favorite. I could not wait as a child to watch the old classic every year at Christmas time. I bought the collection a few years ago so my son could watch them. I love the fact that the play stays so close to the old classic. I love the play scene and all the characters. I think they did a great job! My son loved it! He wanted to watch the old movie when we got him. I admit it put me in the Christmas spirit which I was not before. The museum is great to show your kids how old you are. LOL! My son was like wooow this was around when you were kid all those years ago. Yes, yes they were. I just love that!!! But ...

Submitted by: Dennis M.

We've attended 3 shows with our sons at the Center.  Our kids are now 7 and 5 and they have both enjoyed attending...

Submitted by: Trey S.

Hands down one of the coolest museums i've ever been to. This place has kind of a creepy feel to it, and I feel like that is intentional. I came for the Jim Henson exhibit, which features such retired muppets as Rowlf, Dr, Teeth, The Swedish Chef, and Ernie. There were also some Fraggle rock and Labyrinth displays as well. What too...

Submitted by: Jai R.

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I won tickets from my job and I attended the adult show. Where do I begin.... The museum of puppets is completely breathtaking! There is a Jim Hensen display that everyone is familiar with, there are interactive puppets- my favo...

Submitted by: Deb B.

Fantastic! We went during the week for my birthday, to see the Jim Henson exhibit. It made me feel like a kid again. Tickets including the Body Detective and making your own puppet. There were a hundred school kids there and the place was packed. The show was so cute and I've never had so much fun making a puppet. All of the kids were done and several parents didn't either encourage their kids to be creative, or said "let's finish this at home", which was very disappointing (at no fault of the staff or Center).  All of the tools and materials were there to make fabulous puppets. We were the last to leave, making sure our puppets were ready to hit the world. What a great time we had. Whether you have kids, wa...

Submitted by: Lisa B.

I went with my family to see the Rudolph show over Christmas. I had never been to the Center before and I must say, this is one of the coolest things that Atlanta has to offer.  We took my nieces and they had so much fun.  My one niece was in love as soon as she saw Big Bird in the lobby.   The production itself was super cute and the voices were right on point for every character. It kept the attention of a 2.5 year old for a solid 60 minutes so you know it was good.  I also liked how at the end of the show they explained how the puppets worked.  It was an interesting behind the scenes look as I previously knew nothing about puppets.   The only thing that was a problem was the temperature. It was a little c...

Submitted by: Michelle A.

Oh nostalgia hit me the moment I stepped foot into this place again. Bright colors, furry creatures, a true Henson workshop. It's not only the perfect spot to bring your kids to, but it's great for adults as well. In fact, they perform adult and teenage-geared shows often, so keep an eye out for plays that would interest you! For $16 a pop, it makes for a date that's cheaper than two movie tickets and some popcorn - and god forbid you try to see 3-D IMAX for less! They're constantly adding on more Henson memorabilia, so I'm sure to come back again sometime to see what's new. And the performances? There's a reason why it's considered one of the top puppetry play houses this side of the Atlantic. You can't go ...

Submitted by: barbara m.

My boyfriend and I saw the Rudolph production on 12/26/2010. Neither of us had ever been before, although we had heard good things. The production was very well done, true to the Rudolph we all know. The puppets were wonderful! Great singing, and voices for the characters. We had a concerned about there being SO many children there (although I know this is basically a children's venue) but since we chose the 7 PM showing we thought there might not be as many. Thankfully no one acted up or cried.  I would recommend this venue to anyone regardless of their age. Free on site parking. It is very professional- they even had a bar with wine for sale! It would be great if they had a later night showing of a product...

Submitted by: Sheila K.

I went here for a first date which is something to remember lol, Although it was small I did see a lot of puppets that I recognized we did see the puppet show it was call "Everybody loves Pirates" it was pretty entertaining although we were the only adults there that didn't h...


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