Children's Creativity Museum, San Francisco, California

221 4th St, San Francisco, California 94103

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Address: 221 4th St, San Francisco, California 94103

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Phone: 415-820-3320
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Submitted by: J. N.

The Early Birdles workshop on Weds, Thurs, and Friday mornings from 10 - 11 is awesome! My son loved it - the woman who was facilitating it had ...

Submitted by: L B.

It was nice but not comparable to other Children Discovery Museums.   I would give it another star if it wasn't in such a bad location. Parking is a real problem.  Need to consider the price of parking toward the admission fees. The playground outside needs cleaning, and some upgrades.  As a SF native, I'm discussed at how dirty downtown has become.  Can't walk more than 5 feet without running into a homeless person sleeping or talking to herself.  One even yelled at my daughter when she ran passed her.  San Francisco really needs to do something about their homeless problem.  Hand sanitizer is very much needed. Think I'm over reacting?  Just walk a couple of blocks to 6th street, and you'd think you are in ...

Submitted by: Adrian H.

A bit disorganized but the playground & the stop-motion animation studio were hard to beat.  Too many volunteers seem to be there in order to have good stories t...

Submitted by: Jay S.

Small, but a great place to do some really fun projects with the kid...

Submitted by: Terra S.

I took my fourth grade students here last year for a field trip, and it turned out to be one of the best field trips I've ever done. My kids did the clay animation class where they worked in teams of 4-5 to bring a story to life. Before we went there, the kids chose a scene from a book we were reading, wrote a storyboard for it, and created backdrops. At the museum, the kids were given all the clay they wanted to make as many characters as they could. Then each group set up their characters and backdrops at an animation station. They were shown how to work the camera and control the program in order to create a short animated movie. The class was almost 100% student directed, with assistance from the workers...

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