Children's Museum of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona

215 N 7th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85034

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Address: 215 N 7th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85034

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Phone: 602-253-0501
Hours: Tue-Sun 9 am - 4 pm. Closed Mondays. More Info
Price: Adults and Children: $11, Seniors: $10, Children under 1: free.

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Submitted by: Eilise F.

AWESOME! I so with Flagstaff had something like this. Fun for the whole family. From the climbing s...

Submitted by: Angela N.

This place is a nice little change-up from the usual mall/Target/splash pad destinations that summer requires.  We have an 18 month old son that loves the noodle forest and the tricycle area.  The place has so much going on it is easy to focus on different things even if we...

Submitted by: Logie Z.

Top of the list to take the children  to keep cool for the summer! The kids were super excited when I told them we're going to Children's Phoenix Museum.  Lots of interactive plays, kinesthetic learning and visual sensory overload!  But, I'm fine now.   Oh, the kids...yeah, they had a grand time.  I kinda lost them in the play structure when I got stuck in one of the crawl spaces.  FYI, if you have rickety back and/or knees,  turn back!   There's a cafe on the second floor if you get hungry.  You can find chips, cookies, drinks and even sandwiches and salads.  I love that they offer healthy food choices.  There were plenty of lockers to store your stuff and valuables on the first floor for $.50 cents. You ca...

Submitted by: Kenuway S.

This was our first time coming to PCM and it was a whole bunch of crazy. Kids running around everywhere, where are your parents l...

Submitted by: Jordan G.

I'll say this: if you have the wherewithal, children, and you live in the Vall...

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