Children's Museum of Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington

936 Broadway Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98402

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Address: 936 Broadway Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98402

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Phone: 253-627-6031
Hours: Mon-Sat 10 am - 5 pm, Sun 12 pm - 5pm
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Auburn, Washington

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This is better for smaller kids. Their new facility has a water feature so be prepared for this.

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Submitted by: Stephanie S.

Well I'm torn on this one because as an adult, I was really disappointed.  I've been to many children's museums and this one didn't have much to do even though they had plenty of space.  Maybe it's underfunded?  To look at, there was hardly anything to do in there.  And yet, my toddler did not seem to care one bit.  After an hour or so, I was absolutely dying of boredom and I couldn't wait to get out of there, but she didn't want to leave!  So I guess I will give them at least 3 stars.  Also, because their staff is super friendly and the atmosphere is very nice.  Also, I understand they are moving locations and building a new museum to open in 2012.  The sketches of the new museum look amazing.  I can't wait...

Submitted by: ashley p.

I love it and my daughter who is 20 months has a ball there. it can be boring for parents...

Submitted by: tammy w.

With Tacoma being the 3rd largest city in WA, I thought this place would be much more exciting. This was my first time here- got there on a Wednesday, late afternoon about 3pm. I paid half price, which was 4 bucks, which was still too much. The place was pretty empty, with about 4 other kids and their parent(s). The building itself was probably 5000 square feet, if that, rather small and not too entertaining for my 3 year old. It's probably better for the under 2 set and a rainy Washington day. The children's museum in Seattle (about 30-40 minutes away) was much more exciting, much larger and had waaaay more to do. Is this place worth visiting? Not really. I would've rather gone to a park for free. This was ...

Submitted by: Rey M.

Planning a trip with my family to Tacoma normally involves heading to Point Defiance Zoo or either heading to Tacoma Dome to attend some sort of event for kids. From it being a Disney on Ice , Bob the builder to Dora and Wiggles concert. It always ends with our kids having fun. We are from Seattle so we usually only come around here about 3 times a year. Recently we have been exploring the idea of checking out other venues for our kids aside from the normal Seattle scene. Why not start at the Childrens Museum of Tacoma. Was hoping to see more reviews on Yelp prior to heading out but didn't find any. Lets make mines the second :)           Heading to Tacoma we where very excited and our expectations high. Nor...

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