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Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, New York City, New York

65 Bayard St, New York City, New York

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Submitted by: Peter L.

Ice Cream and the Soberts that we tried were 4 1/2 stars! Unattentive, indifferent teenager employees - minus 1 star! Price of a scoop  - $4,  a bit pricey. I could get a quart of Durian Ice Cream imported from Thailand for that price - minus...

Submitted by: Annie K.

So we were walking down Chinatown trying to find this famous bubble tea joint, when we saw this sign that read, "The First Chinatown Ice Cream Factory."  Well, who wouldn't try ice cream from the very first Chinatwon ice cream factory.  The place was pretty packed and happening. My daughter is still young and the only two flavors she knows for ice cream is Chocolate and Strawberry.  I ordered a strawberry sugar cone to try with her.  It was delicious.  Very creamy and a blast of cool strawberry taste.  My friend ordered black seaseme flavor ice cream.  I had a tiny spoonful and it reminded me of black seaseme jin dui from Chinese New Year.  It hit the taste buds.   If you every venture to Chinatown, look for...

Submitted by: Carl P.

I have been a customer of CICF for the past few years now and everytime I have ordered a new flavor I have never been disappointed.  A few of my favorites are Taro/Ube, Red Bean, Lychee and Almond Cookie, which I can't get enough of and all are made in house.     Lines can be...

Submitted by: Maria i.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is the place to be! I can not express how much I love their ice cream! The only ice cream I eat from here is the coconut ice cream. It taste PRECISELY like coconut and it has some shavings in it! This place is amazing! It brings the inner messy child in me to come out and mess up face wit...

Submitted by: Erica T.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory has the best Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! It is my absolute favorite place to get this flavor! It has been more than 5 years since my last dessert treat here, and oh how I miss it. Due to the Texas heat, I am almost drooling (not literally) thinking about this place. It holds so many memories because I always walked passed the ice cream store when I go to NYC with my family. I remember that dinosaur icon as clear as day, and it's a special place in my heart. I didn't know much about my taste buds as a kid, but I remember how I felt when I tasted the texture of my mint chocolate chip. I will never forget it and I know that because I have constantly tried looking for the same thin...

Submitted by: Gene Y.

I've been coming to this fine establishment since hair was growing out of my head to now, when hair is falling off my head.   I remember the lychee ice cream being one of the tastiest flavors as a child and as a 40 year old balding fart, I still love this flavor....

Submitted by: Bria D.

I discovered the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory on my first ever trip to NYC.  I was a fresh-faced 22 year old girl from the rural deep south with a hankering to know a broader world and a yearning for all things confectionary. I took my husband and toddler recently.  We were in the ne...

Submitted by: Crying F.

From all the years I've ventured to Chinatown, this was the first time I've ever bought an ice cream cone from this hole in the wall ice cream parlor. My son suggested to get ice cream there so he can try the lychee flavor. If you're a frequent buyer of half gallon premium ice cream that cost $2.99 (from your Pathmark supermarket), then you may think the price of a scoop at $3.99 (or close to it) may be a bit steep. The shop is small (like a hole in the wall) and could use a makeover (probably still using the same equipment/fixtures from the day it first open). There are many exotic Asian flavors including the usual chocolate, vanilla, strawberry choices. Suffice to say that seeing my son fulfilling his lych...

Submitted by: Mallory M.

Awesome, awesome, awesome spot. I've been coming here for years, but my past experience really made my ice cream jaunt fantastic. I had friends in from out of town and at the last minute all 9 of us decided to grab food. We settled on Chinese because the thought of seating 9 in Chinatown would have the shortest wait (we had 2 kids with us). To appease the children, I recommended ice cream (knowing Chinatown Ice Cream factory was around the corner). The time was 9:50pm. On a Tuesday night, they close at 10. And I brought 9 people. Not only were they accomodating to our large group, but willing to let us try NUMEROUS flavors and were patient with the large order. AND THE ICE CREAM: awesome, like always. They w...


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