City Street Sweets, Tampa, Florida

1601 W Snow Circle, Tampa, Florida

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Submitted by: Kathleen P.

Let me just say that I really loved this place.  My kids loved it.  I can't go here anymore, because of the bad experience we had, which makes the whole situation worse.  We purchased a Groupon a few months ago.  We hadn't been since July's Fresh Market in Hyde Park, when we forgot to bring our Groupon with us and for some reason we couldn't pull it up on my big deal, we'll remember it next time.  Well, we tried to use it this week, but first there was a sign on the door saying that they were closed due to electrical problems.  Then my husband went after work yesterday, the day the Groupon expired, and they were closed at 6:45 pm (normal hours are until 9) with a sign on the door still saying they...

Submitted by: robin l.

Exceptional chocolate store. Mostly everything is homemade. Also h...


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