Coronado Beach, Coronado, California

Ocean Blvd, Coronado, California 92118

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Address: Ocean Blvd, Coronado, California 92118

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Beautiful Beach at the Hotel Del Cornado

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Eating at the hotel is expensive. La Salsa Restaurant (fast food mexican) on Orange St. has great fish tacos and a kids menu at great prices. You can take the ferry to Coronado Island but its a longish walk to the Hotel Del Coronado. Take the bridge for a great view.

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Submitted by: Mark W.

The water was freezing so I started building a sand castle while my daughter was swimming.  I like to build sand castles that challenge the ocean, built just about as far as the water reaches up the beach.  This requires a protective wall, a moat, and a castle in the middle of a small island.  As I started building, a little girl came up and asked me what I was doing like I was a crazy person, but not crazy enough to avoid conversation and eye contact.  Are there really kids who visit the beach and don't know what a sand castle is?  Kids these days!?  I also got some strange looks from adults, but that may have been because my daughter still hadn't joined me yet.  Later, my daughter joined me and built a swi...

Submitted by: Young J.

Okay so I didn't know you could write reviews about beaches too.. but here it goes. One of the reasons why I love San Diego so much is because of this gorgeous beach! It's as good as it gets- soft sand, blue water, plenty of space and Hotel del Coronado off in the distance.. can't get any better than that! I've been going to this beach ever since I was a little kid mainly to boogeyboard. The waves are really perfect for boogeyboarding, but now that I'm older, I usually just suntan or wade in the water. Coronado also has a lot of cute tiny shops and restaurants you can go to and its pretty fun just to look around. The huge mansions outlining the beach can also be eye candy as well. The only reason I'm giving ...

Submitted by: Brooke E.

If you want a place to relax, have a family trip...

Submitted by: Kyle J.

This beach is fairly clean and has nice sand. The waves weren't too bad when I was there ...

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