Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas

900 E Randol Mill Rd, Arlington, Texas 76011

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Address: 900 E Randol Mill Rd, Arlington, Texas 76011

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Phone: 817-892-5000
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Submitted by: Kevin D.

Amazing beautiful stadium. Tour was with with infant children they made our life miserable. I wou...

Submitted by: Jonathan E.

I love being a Packer fan!!!  I couldn't have imagined a better place to watch the Super Bowl than here...wait, Green Bay! Jerry, you have entirely too much money.  If you ever need to get rid of some, I will write you Yelp reviews for the rest of your life! The stadium is the biggest I have ever seen.  It is extremely elegant and impressive!  Words can't even describe the monstrosity that is Cowboy's Stadium.  Just go there. The inside is spiffy and new.  I didn't watch the game inside, as peons only got to watch from the Party Plaza, but I did get a chance to blow a bunch of money on Championship gear. They had a great set-up for us outside.  Tablecloths in February?  Heat lamps in TX?  Strange, but necess...

Submitted by: Jennifer S.

I was a long time hold-out on The Boss Hog Bowl.  I mean, I just hate going to Arlington.  And the prices that I had heard about were just so arrogant.  I had decided that my days of going to Cowboys games were over.   Well, I was taken by a family member last weekend.  The place is awe inspiring.  A singular experience and one of the wonders of the world.  Now I may be given to hyperbole on occasion but this time I'm not guilty.   I wasn't that distracted by the board.  But it does take some effort.  Sight lines were good. The sheer size of the place is incredible.  And it is clear that no expense was spared.  Every finish and flourish on every surface, wall, etc is top notch, and beautiful.  I think that i...

Submitted by: Lauren L.

This review is only for the VIP stadium tour. I am a football fan, but in Texas the word fan takes on new meaning. Texans put football in front of many other aspects of their lives. I was standing in line and literally heard someone say, "We're about to breathe the same air as Jerry Jones"! REALLY? Get a grip. You start and end the tour at the Pro Shop that houses every item you could imagine that is related to the cowboys. Our tour guide Mike was knowledgeable, friendly and had great comedic timing. His booming voice provided us all with interesting facts and stats about the new stadium. The most impressive part of the tour was the $40 million HD TV screen hanging from the ceiling. This screen ensures that ...

Submitted by: Andrew T.

A little torn on this stadium.  I have been to two events here, both being basketball games.  First, the UNC v Texas game (And uh hells yea we won.)  Then the NBA All-Star game (And uh hells yea we won. (Yea...I was going for both teams...)) So take this review as watching basketball only.  HAVE NOT SEEN A FOOTBALL GAME HERE.  BUT LOOKING FORWARD TO A CELINE DEION CONCERT. On the one hand, this is the awesommist most awesome stadium I have ever seen in my most awesome life.  It's ridiculously beautiful.  If I had a child, I would want it to look like this stadium.  (I have been to about 10 sports arenas in my life.)  This place is definitely easy to get to.  And it's nearby a lot of restaurants that are easi...

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