DC Ducks Tour, Washington, District of Columbia

Union Station, Washington, District of Columbia 20018

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Address: Union Station, Washington, District of Columbia 20018

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Phone: 855-323-8257
URL: http://www.dcducks.com/
Hours: Sun-Sat 10 am - 4 pm. Closed Sunday before Memorial Day, Independence Day and Marine Corp Marathon. Closed Nov-Mar. More Info
Price: Adults: $31.50; Children: $22.50

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You have covered protection from the elements in the front portion of the DUCK, but you may have better views in the back.

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Submitted by: Drea L.

Captain Bucky gets 5 stars for skillfully dodging horrific protestor traffic and maintaining a smile. The reservation process (or lack there of) gets one star for being unbelievably inconvenient. Parking at Union Station (especially on a weekend) is awful and the fact that you can purchase your tickets online and then not have the ability to reserve a sp...

Submitted by: Angela H.

A very fun and great way to get a quick tour of DC.  The tour lasts about 90-120 minutes.  You learn really great fun facts about the city depending on who your tour guide is. The tour takes you from Union Station, down through the mall, around the various monuments and memorials and then out onto the Potomac and by DCA.  Also, if you are a resident within 5...

Submitted by: Amanda B.

The Husband and I did a DC Ducks tour during our week of "we live here, but we are living like tourists this week" anniversary celebration.  Yes, it is expensive, but it was really fun.  Our tour guide, Wayne, was friendly and funny.   The tour starts at Union Station and hits most of the big landmarks in DC.  The tour is not too fast and the traffic helps slow down the vehicle enough that you can get good photos.  The water part of the tour is fun and a nice way to slow down and enjoy the views the city has to offer.   Word of warning:  they give all passengers duck quackers near the end of the tour, so if there are lots of kids, be prepared.  You will hear duck quacking for the rest of the tour.  It isn't ...

Submitted by: john g.

DC Ducks offers a solid tour of the DC landmarks with an amazing amount of information. I took a tour with a friend of mine who is a DC native and has a degree in American History and even he was amazed and learned a lot of new info. The tour starts at Union Station so it is really easy to get to for locals and tourists alike. The tour hits the museums, monuments, and finally ends up in the Potomac River by Reagan Airport before returning to Union Station. The vehicle is actually a restored 1942 military DUKW, so it is amphibious. The driver/tour guide offers an astounding amount of detail at every turn. We learned about the symbolism in the details on buildings that a passerby would overlook. It was really ...

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