Dallas Farmers Market, Dallas, Texas

1010 S Pearl Exwy, Dallas, Texas 75201

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Address: 1010 S Pearl Exwy, Dallas, Texas 75201

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Phone: 214-939-2808
URL: http://www.dallasfarmersmarket.org/
Hours: Mon-Sun 8 am - 6 pm. Closed New Year's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Anna F.

I love having access to real vegetables rather than the waxy, chemically treated stuff you find at the grocery store! There are a lot of the same items sold by different stalls: tomatoes, onions, peppers, jicama etc. but it is absolutely the best place to buy fresh produce in the DFW! It's a great place to go with kids because the vendors are friendly and you get tons of free sames of all different kinds of fruits and vegetables! The indoor market is also great! There are some excellent restaurants offering all different types of foods (bbq, deli, and Mexican) and even a couple of meat and cheese vendors that offer products equally as delicious as the vegetarian fare outside! There is a spice store, a knife ...

Submitted by: Alaina W.

Mangos. You like em? They got em. Mangos. Yes, folks, mangos. Mangos, mangos, mangos. We came on a weekday in the early afternoon so it wasn't crowded. At all. Maybe that's why we were getting showered with mango samples. The produce was stacked beautifully. Great prices and better taste than grocery sto...

Submitted by: deno f.

The corn vendor's sign said "Little Cup of Heaven" and indeed is was. The corn was amazing, topped with special seasoning's, mayo, and what not. We even threw on some Burger House seasoning and some Slap Yo Mama just in case it needed more. And it was great--it always is. Cup'o'corn is a standard when me and the munchkin hit the Farmer's Market. We love this place--or at least I do. I've loved the Farmer's Market since I was a little girl. I was sad when they started making it over. I thought they'd over do it and then it would become a homogenized ghost town, but not so. The market is vibrant and full of snacks. The air conditioned vendor's shed is great. I spent a lot more than I planned but came home with...

Submitted by: Jordan T.

I didn't know how great going to the farmers market would be in the winter. I grabbed the boyfriend, my recycled bags, pulled out some cash, and headed downtown. Parking was free and easy. Plenty of space in front of the main pavilion. Everyone offers samples. However, I do not partake in any samples being offered because of something I saw a few years ago. I know a guy that used to hang out by the peaches area. He would sometimes cut pieces of his peach for people to try. I also know that this guy used his pocket knife for a lot of other things like for instance, cleaning his toenails. So now I have to think about that every time a vendor is slicing fruit with their pocket knife. I got a lot of great produc...

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