Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas

1717 N Harwood, Dallas, Texas 75201

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During the Dallas Museum of Art’s First Tuesdays program -- designed for ages 5 and under but open to everyone -- families can participate in thematic art-making activities, story times, performances, and gallery activities. Admission to the Dallas Museum of Art is free the first Tuesday of each month.

Address: 1717 N Harwood, Dallas, Texas 75201

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Phone: 214-922-1200
URL: http://www.dm-art.org/
Hours: Tue-Wed 11 am - 5 pm, Thu 11 am - 9 pm, Fri-Sun 11 am - 5 pm More Info
Price: Adults: $10; Children(0-11): Free; Students(w/ID): $5; Seniors(65+): $7; Military(w/ID): $7 More Info

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Submitted by: Lot A.

"The Defecation of Art" One typically retreats into an art museum to escape the world of crassness, sluthood and overbearing human beings. Therefore, it is with much chagrin I report that the Dallas Museum of Art is characterized by all of those qualities. My criticism concerns the management style and the poor choice of modern day artwork, not to mention a rather disturbing encounter in the restroom area that was truly a moment of grotesque postmodernism.   I was harassed a total of four times by staff members to show my orange bracelet of admission, strongly implying I had snuck in illegally--an implication that screamed racial profiling. It appears as if the staff was convinced that a Mexican-Spaniard mus...

Submitted by: Alexis N.

You ever have one of those places that is really hard to write a review for because you've been going there for so long and you just love it so much? No? Oh... Well then... umm... I guess it's just me. I love the DMA. Like... LOVE. It's one of those places that just relaxes me the minute I walk in. Regardless of what the current show is, their permanent collection is pretty awesome. (I love my Rothko they have... I can go stand in front of it for so long and just sink into it.) There's some great modern art, and lots in the Ancient American collection... Oh! And the kids' section is always fun! They just recently changed it around... Love it in there! So many fun little things to do. I love the building itse...

Submitted by: Mary S.

Put a big red circle around the 3rd friday of each month on your calendar, wait never mind I mean update your iCal or smart phone! Late nights at the DMA was so much fun!  We live such a busy life w/ work-fam-dog-and all other things that cause stress in our lives it was nice to venture off and get some culture in (as yelp directed in my recent email) Something about roaming around the museum late at night was truely hypnotic.  Another nice touch was having a glass of wine a beer and listnening to trippy live music that really set the mood.   I highly recommend this for a late date night or group of friends.  I do not recommend for young children I saw a 5 year old girl slouched over a table hatting life.   ...

Submitted by: Anabel V.

Went to the museum on what they call First Thursday, this happens  monthly and you get free admission to most of the arts district.  It willbe busy and this particular day there were many many sc...

Submitted by: Scott L.

This museum has several very different and thoughtful exhibits going on at once.  Today I saw a retrospective of Luc Tuyman, a Belgian painter, who does figuratives that are so delicate, minimal, beautiful and sometimes abstract.   Down the hall was an exhibit on 60s minimalist sculpture with some bruce naumanns and several other guys that examplify that time period. Exhibit 3 was an ongoing yearly program celebrating Mexican art.  And to seal it off was the family friendly exhibit called "coastlines" , a group of land and sea paintings, but with a nice twist.  UTD parterned w a university from southern France to create a sound track for the exhibit, and several paintings have their own individual tracks.  I...

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