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Dallas Zoo, Dallas, Texas

650 S RL Thornton Freeway, Dallas, Texas

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Denton, Texas

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it was an amazing first trip for my son

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Try to go on a day that isn't so hot and it will be more enjoyable

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Submitted by: veronica M.

We needed to take our kids to a ZOO. We went to austin zoo and kids were actually depressed to see the poor animals hiding in their caves with no care. Looked like even animals were embarassed on their presentation but dallas zoo is BETTER. kids loved it!! they fed giraffes (even though the lettuce was the most expensive item on the menu), enjoyed mon...

Submitted by: c s.

yay zoo! the best day to go to the zoo is a lightly drizzly day. the children aren't around. the animals are interested. it's a big place, and if you're actually interested in watching animals there are great viewing areas. the new wilds of africa is a rea...

Submitted by: Tiffany R.

These are my suggestions for a fun day at the zoo... 1. If it is going to be hot, show up when they open at 9am. 2. If you can, take the city train to get there.  For my kid, that is part of the adventure.   3. The Wilds of Africa is the first place you should check out.  You can feed giraffes there if you like. 4. The children's part of the zoo is also good. 5. The SOAR show is incredible; and it is free with admission.   6. Go when the weather is going to be nice.   7. Plan on eating elsewhere.  If you took the train, there are some nice options downtown.   Basically, we have a wonderful time whenever we go... but we also go early and when the weather is tolerable.  We actually enjoy it more than the Fort ...

Submitted by: James V.

The Dallas Zoo gets a lot of bad press. Yes, the animals are afraid of the visitors and not frequently seen. And the food options range from really bad to completely unacceptable. But this isn't a restaurant, it's a zoo! Took my kid here this afternoon, and he had SO much fun! We did eventually get out of the kid's zoo, but I completely recommend going to this place! You can pack your own food and have a picnic in one of several parks, and even though the City of Dallas takes care of the place, it's not so bad. We have a season / family membership, and it gives you 10% off all purchaces in the zoo, including the gift shop. Get ready to drop a few bucks if you have kids because they cater to them and display ...

Submitted by: Katie B.

I would love to give this zoo five stars, my family had a great time here! I went with my sister, brother in-law and their three children ( ages 6, 4, and 2). The kids had a fantastic time and the exhibits were clean and spacious. The only damper on the whole trip was the horrible people they had directing parking traffic. We went in the middle of spring break and were expecting a crowd, but we had to circle around and wait in line for the over-flow parking three times. The last time my brother in-law slowed to as the zoo parking attendant what we should do and if there was anywhere else we could go to park and walk back. The zoo parking attended didn't even listen to my brother in-laws question and in the s...

Submitted by: Heather R.

So, I have never been much of a zoo person. However, my daughter loves animals so zoos are now something we do.  We were visiting the Grandparents in DFW and I thought a day at the zoo with Grandpa would be fun. What gives it such a high rating is the Children's Area.  On the way in, there is a huge area for pink flamingos and other birds.  Some of the birds would stand about 6 feet away from the railing so we could good a good look at them.  When I was there, I saw the flamingos move from one side of the area to another, which was cool because I had never seen flamingos move before.  I will say that the bird area under the Children's Area is kind of lame and I think most of the birds have been moved to some...

Submitted by: Natalie R.

I enjoyed the zoo and am now members. I visited a couple years ago and was NOT impressed, but with the upgrades to the Children's zoo and the Giants of Savannah, I had such a good time! The employees were friendly and the park was clean. I do wish the tickets included the monorail, but it's still fairly cheap. The Children's zoo area is wonderful, I do wish there were people working there (it was a Saturday) from the zoo to just sort of overlook everything. The petting zoo was fun and kids loved it, plus at 50cents for food I thought that was a great price. The water play area for the kids is awesome and will add a lot of fun in the summer time. The food was great, we ate at the grill in the new Savannah exh...

Submitted by: Joel T.

Last year, I took my daughter to the Dallas zoo and was thoroughly unimpressed. However, since new ownership has moved in I have noticed dramatic improvements. So dramatic that my family now is a Dallas Zoo member. Every week I take my 2-year-old daughter to the zoo. It's fun for her, but it's also great for me, too. I love animals! The easiest part of the zoo to brag about is the new Giants of the Savannah exhibit. Featuring huge habitats for the elephants, giraffes, impalas, and ostriches, it also has beautiful cheetahs and lions that you can watch through the gigantic glass wall of the air conditioned food court. Basically, the old exhibits (cages) for the elephants and giraffes were depressing. Now, the ...

Submitted by: Russell R.

*TIP -  Buy a regular drink at the Zoofari Food Court early (about $2.75, I think) and keep coming back for free refills all day.  No one said anything to me about it. So close to a 4 star rating!!! I have to mention this part first.  Go to see the new exhibit Giants of the Savanna, it is so amazing.  I've never been so close to a lion, cheetah, and (especially) a giraffe in my life.  Plus the new area looks very much like the real-ish / Disney African Savanna (Never been to Africa, just going by what I've seen). The rest of the park is what is dragging down my rating though. There is a lot of park to see here, but when I went you could tell that they had just moved the animals involved in the new exhibit si...


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