Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

1201 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, Arizona 85008

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Seasonal activities for children include flashlight tours and kids' camps. See website for current offerings.

Address: 1201 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, Arizona 85008

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Phone: 480-941-1225
Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am - 8 pm More Info
Price: Adults: $15, Seniors (60+): $13.50, Students (13-18): $7.50, Children (3-12): $5, Children under 3: Free

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Submitted by: Janice A.

Always fun for the entire family, and they especi...

Submitted by: Nick H.

Desert Botanical Gardens is a fantastic retreat from the sprawling urban environment of Phoenix. We went on a Sunday afternoon and had a wonderful time. There is plenty of parking available and the Gardens were opened until 8PM. We would have loved to stroll through the Gardens at night, but time was not on our side...maybe next time! The $18 entrance fee is steep, but worth it. The Gardens are beautiful, unique, and a perfect place to take a leisurely walk amongst the fascinating landscape. There are literally hundreds of different types of cacti and other desert flora; everything from the giant saguaro to the old man cactus. Remember, you are in the desert and the Gardens are all located outside, so make s...

Submitted by: Adina K.

This place is amazing!  I'm from the Northeast, so I had no idea there were so many varieties of desert plants.  The cacti, the trees, the flowers...everything was stunning.  I spent hours walking around with my family and could easily have stayed longer, but we had my sister's baby out with us and he was ready for a nap.  Not all the members of the group were as enthusiastic about Botany as I am, but everyone had a great time. The Chihuly art display at the entrance is gorgeous.  We also watched a very interesting glass blowing demonstration.  The views of the mountains are breathtaking.  I took over 600 photos during the first visit here alone.  This is a must see attraction for visitors and residents of t...

Submitted by: Michigan T.

I did not think I would enjoy my visit here, but it was beautiful.  I don't think I would bother coming here more than once, but it was nice for a one time visit. The gardens are beautiful, and the Chihuly display was amazing.   I would imagine ...

Submitted by: Janine I.

Amazing place! I'd lived in AZ for 30 years prior to the northwest. Now, after 19 years up north, I'm back "home" for a visit and went out here for the first time EVER. The gardens are fabulous & the shop is incredible. (They ship too, which is nice for a shopper like a gorgeous clay windchime!) No tax ...

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