Discovery Science Center, Santa Ana, California

2500 N Main St, Santa Ana, California 92705

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Address: 2500 N Main St, Santa Ana, California 92705

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Phone: 714-542-2823
Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am - 5 pm. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. More Info
Price: Adults (15+): $17.95; Children (3-14): $12.95; Seniors (60+): $12.95 More Info

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Submitted by: Steven D.

I am a museum professional and I recently visited the DSC for the second time.  The first time was seven years ago when my daughter was in 2nd grade; the last was Thanksgiving weekend--the first weekend of the Star Wars exhibit. I am not impressed.  Don't get me wrong, the hands-on activities for the kids are great.  I enjoy the astronomy presentation, the study of earthquakes, and the computer shopping activity is neat. What I am not impressed with is their visitor service.  The staff are nice, but: 1.  There aren't enough people on the floor to monitor the activities or to answer questions. 2.  The extra fees for special events are NOT clearly posted at the admission booth or anywhere else in the center. 3...

Submitted by: Earl S.

Although we are members I am concerned about the direction the Science Center has gone in recent years. There is an increasing reliance on computers in the displays and a de-emphasis on tactile play. The Science Center is spending huge sums of money on gimmicky toys that  do not offer nearly the same quality educational experience as the older (thankfully mostly still around), more physically/physics-oriented exhibits. It is terribly busy pretty much all the time, which isn't inherently bad because that means it's popular. But it limits how often we go because there's only so much noise one can take and remain sane. It IS too expensive for what it offers. I think if we weren't members we would rarely visit. ...

Submitted by: Aimee G.

If you live in OC and have a child who enjoys anything to do with dinosaurs, space, wind, water, waves, rocks, earthquakes, climbing, hockey, garbage trucks, and ramming shopping carts, than it is absolutely necessary to bring him or her to the Discovery Science Center. And if your child is like mine and begs you to take him to DSC all the freakin' time, than it's best to spend the $99 for a family membership. This place ain't cheap, so buying a membership will pay for itself in only a few visits. Judging by the yelp reviews, people don't appreciate a children's museum that is filled with, well, children. I have to be honest, I can only handle so many kids as well, which is why I avoid the crowds. I take my ...

Submitted by: Audrey T.

I came to the Discovery Science Center on Sunday with a friend and we looooooved it. I thought I had gone before when I was a kid but once we got there I realized that I hadn't been there before. What a shame, because it's epic. Can we just talk about Dino Quest for a second? AMAZING! It brought the kid out in both us. A...

Submitted by: Janice A. H.

I've always held a deep curiosity for this place. When I would visit Westfield mall, I would always shout in excitement at the big square cube that rested on the side of the road. My parents told me they would take me, but due to life's business, I never did go. So imagined my excitement when I finally did get to go... a couple of years older than what I imagined! But still, come on, it's the discovery science center! Science is ageless, it's fascinating, and I was thrilled. When I went, they had their annual bubblefest. I didn't attend, but let's move on- It was crowded. Like, filled to the brim with strollers and little bobbing 3 ft. tall heads. Total tourist attraction, hands down. There's not really a ba...

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