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Dixie Stampede, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

3849 Parkway Dr, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

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Canton, Michigan

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Don't fill up on [popcorn before during the preshow- it's better to get there on an ( almost) empty stomach.

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Submitted by: Leah T.

This is absolutely one of the most horrifying spectacles I have seen in my life. I went with my family when we were vacationing in Gatlinburg, and they had bought tickets to the Dixie Stampede before we arrived. I have come to expect to do (and actually usually DO enjoy) touristy activities with my family. For instance, when in Key West, go to Margaritaville; when in New Orleans, go the amateur drunk route and have a hurricane at Pat O'Brien's. But this. THIS. Is the single worst experience I have ever seen money spent on. I in fact think the proprietors of the event should pay for their customers to sit through this spectacle. Below is just a summary of some of the problems with the Dixie Stampede since I d...

Submitted by: Jessica B.

I haven't been to any of the other dinner shows in Pigeon Forge to compare this to, but I don't think I need to: This show and dinner was fantastic! My husband and I were able to make reservations the day of the show and there's no bad seat in the house. The food is hot, fresh, delicious, and eaten without utensils - there is plenty to fill...

Submitted by: Anita S.

This place was fun.  I was a bit skeptical as it is very touristy (what place isn't in Pigeon Forge).  But I am a fan of Dolly Parton and she is the owner of this establishment.  While she doesn't appear in person, she does comment...

Submitted by: Chad M.

Hands down the best show in Pigeon Forge. Great theatratics, fireworks, Horses, Awesome Food. One good thing is that they mix it up here at this show unlike the majority of the shows in town, so no worries of sitting through 2 hours of some kid on a ...

Submitted by: Stephanie O.

Dolly Parton is one crazy chick - crazy enough to create a cheesy dinner show like the Dixie. They give you a lot of food, and it's an extremely casual environment. Very family friendly. This isn't my cup of tea at all, and if my mother didn't force me to go, I gladly would have eaten at a goddamn McDonald's i...

Submitted by: Gary N.

Food was ok, but I got a medal. Horseshoe Champion I never really win anything, especially sports events. I chalk up my lack of athletic success to the effects of gravity on a 250 pound frame. Chances are you'll never see me in an advertisement for Nike involving hang time unless they take into account the waistline of my jeans. That being said, it wasn't always this way... I clearly remember winning the three legged race in First Grade, but I was sharing the glory with Jonathan, a soon to be athlete with skills. Skills that included dragging my butt across the finish line. Everything changed for me at the Dixie Stampede dinner and show in Pigeon Forge, TN. After picking on our server, Kevin (quite possibly ...

Submitted by: Kandace W.

This is a great place to go for the whole family! The food is great and plentiful. The staff is friendly, the show is great...

Submitted by: Lori T.

I havent been here in over 10 years but from what I recall was a fun family outing. Dinner and a show. The theatrical part of the evening was the sou...


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