Dolores Park, San Francisco, California

566 Dolores St, San Francisco, California 94114

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Address: 566 Dolores St, San Francisco, California 94114

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Hours: N/A
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Bob K.

A place for the whole family.  And feel free to define family in any way you like.  And lots of dogs.   When I first came here, it was a Saturday late afternoon, and the hillsides were packed.  I was with Blondie and Allergy Boy, and I though...

Submitted by: Jeffrey H.

If you like people-watching, this is a 5-star park all the way.  It's a freak show every weekend! Plus, there's a fantastic view of th...

Submitted by: Sean S.

The first time I went to Dolores park I saw lesbians jello wrestling.  You can make this shit up!!  It was kinda cool actually.  A summertime family outing SF style.  Just walking around you feel the ...

Submitted by: Steph V.

I LOVE how many people come here to relax on a lazy Saturday afternoon. My visit to Dolores Park was very random but very enjoyable. My friends and I bought some ice cream at Bi-Rite and enjoyed it here. I've never seen so many people at a park before. I absolutely love the fact there were people playing frisbee, playing tenni...

Submitted by: Becky U.

SF Pride 2011 Weekend.  Cabbed it here (which takes super long to flagged down a cab).. ended up meeting some friends, friends and chilled on the lawn and wat...

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