Downtown Aquarium, Houston, Texas

410 Bagby St, Houston, Texas 77002

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Address: 410 Bagby St, Houston, Texas 77002

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Phone: 713-223-3474
Hours: Sun-Thurs 10 am - 9 pm, Fri-Sat 10 am - 11 pm
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Submitted by: Andrea S.

The outside is misleadingly large while the interior exhibits are short and few. The highlight of the tour was the snow tiger. Lucky for us, it decided to interact with the crowd. By interact I mean it kept pacing back and forth inches from the glass licking its lips as it eyed a curious toddler. Because we we're visiting the city we wanted to see everything and bought the all day wristbands. At no point did anyone ask to scan or see them. What a waste! Best part of the day was the ferris wheel which went pretty quick but gave us the chance to get some great shots of the skyline. There's not much to do, sightseeing-wise, in the downtown area so if you're looking for something to do and have small children, i...

Submitted by: Chris B.

Very small, very small, and very small.  They put more effort into the outside play area than they do into the actual aquarium.  Putting myself into a...

Submitted by: Mischelle S.

Went to visit Houston for fun just about 2 weeks ago & decided to go to this Aquarium. I thought we were gonna be there for at least 2+ hours since the place looked really big from the outside, so we decided to pay $6 for parking. The outside looked really fun, they had train rides & a ferris wheel. A lot of kids looked like they really enjoyed it but I wasn't in it for the rides, I was more excited about the aquarium. It was about $9.25/person for the entrance fee which I thought was a reasonable price. We had driven 21/2 hours just to get to Houston and we were really hungry so we decided to grab some hotdogs, & it was really expensive! It was about $7 for a plain hotdog. Are you kidding me? I really regre...

Submitted by: Megan F.

I haven't eaten in the restaurant, so this review is for the actual aquarium. It is small and kids may get bored easily, but it was a surprisingly awesome date location. There is a good amount of things to look at, including...

Submitted by: Kylie S.

Oh the aquarium... It is a very strange place consisting of a ferris wheel, a chain restaurant, white tigers, and a tiny aquatic petting zoo.  The actual "aquarium" is small, takes no time at all to traverse.  The best part about it is the opportunity to pet sting rays near the end of it.  At the very end of the tour are two white tigers; how white tigers are relevant to aquatic life I am not sure... All of the costs can really add up here.  It costs to park, to go through the aquarium, to eat in the restaurant, to ride any of the rides, and to play the games. Compared to some of the truly great aquariums in other major cities, this is really disappointing.  I don't have children, but I'd be afraid to bring ...

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