Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco, Texas

300 S 5 St, Waco, Texas 76701

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Address: 300 S 5 St, Waco, Texas 76701

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Phone: 254-757-1025
URL: http://www.drpeppermuseum.com/
Hours: Mon-Sat 10 am - 4:15 pm, Sun 12 pm - 4:15 pm More Info
Price: Adults: $7; Children & Students: $4; Seniors: $5 More Info

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Submitted by: Mark H.

Awesome old fashion soda fashion and floats. The museum is small, but informative. On the second floor, they have some stuff for the kids to play with. But that stuff was entirely irrelevant to dr. Pepper, soda in general, or free enterprise. On the third floor, the had the free enterprise institute exhibits, which championed free market, etc. I'...

Submitted by: Angelica S.

We decided to visit the Pepper Palace this weekend.  The museum is small, but has oodles of great information.  I really liked the toy area on the 2nd floor. My daughter was able to make a "toy" and watch it float in the wind tunnel.  In addition, she was allowed to color and touch the toys displayed.  Can't beat that with a stick.   We were able to visit the gift shop and the fountain which was really nice. I am not a fan of the soda, but you really can't visit this place and not try a Dr. Pepper.  I am glad I did.  It was really good.   My only gripe is that the lady(girl) working the register at the gift shop was a pill.  She never smiled and was less than gracious.  Maybe she should consider a new job if...

Submitted by: Amanda W.

I'm a pepper, so going here for an hour or so with some family on a trip was fun.  We got old school dp from the soda fountain that's downstairs and a cool old time bottle opener for home.  There are three levels, and lots of dp stuff.  If you don'...

Submitted by: Tonya T.

When I learned that the Dr. Pepper museum was a mere hour-and-a-half from Austin, it felt like fate. The Good Doctor's sugar and caffeine combo practically got me through college. In Illinois, the DP does not flow as freely as it does in the great state of Texas, so Dr. Pepper from a fountain was sort of rare. Unfortunately, I've had to give up my habit for the sake of my pancreas. But I knew I had to make a pilgrimage to Waco and pay my respects to the sweet elixir at the Dr. Pepper museum. It was...OK. I thought the $7.00 admission fee was a little high ($6.50, actually. The website had a 50 cents off coupon. 50 cents, really? You couldn't have gone up to a dollar??). And it's really more of a soda-in-gene...

Submitted by: Betty E.

Well, we all know it isn't a Smithsonian or anything of the sort but a museum of Dr. Pepper.  So you need to go into it with that mindset.  We have been twice.  Once with the family & once with a Girl Scout group.  I have to admit it was more enjoyable with our group & the sweet guide.  Here's why: With the family:  I think you really need to READ all the wall signs & listen to all the audios to fully get something out of it.  Was it fantastic....no but it was neat for a soda lover & the well & building had some interesting facts. With our troop:  Let's start off with there is a nice discount for groups!!  I also have to admit it was more enjoyable with the group because the guide gave us more interesting fa...

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