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DuPage Children's Museum, Naperville, Illinois

301 N Washington St, Naperville, Illinois

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Don't miss standing in the big bubble, my kids love this! The wind tunnel is super cool too. If you are lucky, you can find groupon or living social deals to save on admittance to this museum. They also offer classes and camps for kids as well as a place to have a birthday party.

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Submitted by: Mike O.

If your kids love Kohl Children's Museum, they'll love this place even more. Doesn't seem as big as Kohl, but it is jam-packed with activities and creative things kids can do for hours and hours. Spread across two floors and a lower level for parties and food, this place is quite spacious inside. There's the usual gift shop as you come in, but the exhibits are everywhere, even in the lounge area on the lower level. Even the outside of the museum is interactive. A train track overhead has a crank that lets you move an old-fashioned "seesaw style" train car above. Near the beginning of the museum is a wood shop area with real tools: saws, hammers, and nails and piles of scrap wood for kids to make stuff with h...

Submitted by: Lauren T.

I bought a Groupon for this museum months ago and just used it yesterday, two days before expiration. The building is very colorful and easy to spot, with plenty of parking available if you get there early. There is a lot for kids to do in here. There are stations that would appeal for any age range up to about 10 and it seemed there were kids interested in all of it. After we had been there for a bit though the place really filled up and it was almost a little too busy. We will come here again, but probably first thing on a Wednesday morning. We had a few favorite areas. There was a drum room with various things to bang on, a giant water station with a bubble play area, places to build with things like bloc...

Submitted by: Kayla P.

Great place to spend a rainy day (although it tends to be less crowded on nicer days). I wish they wouldn't charge admission for adults since it isn't really for us...lots for kids to do, though. We had a membershi...

Submitted by: m m.

Took the kids here for a few hours yesterday.  The hands on exhibits are amazing.  My 2 and 3-year-old were so entertained by everything.  They were a bit overwhelmed at first.  The chi...

Submitted by: Summer O.

This is a very cool museum, if you want to call it that. It's more like a gigantic indoor sensory playground and my kids (ages 9, 8, 4 and 8 months) are in love with it. FAVORITES (according to the kids): * The freeze your shadow booth. A flash bulb freezes your shadow on the wall. A place for crazy jumps and twists. * Giant light brites in the black light area. * The build it neighborhood. Kids get to do some real sawing and hammering and take their finished product home. Adult supervision required. * Air works, namely the giant wind tunnel with ribbons and pinwheels and fun stuff to play with in the wind * Bubble play. Lots of bubble wands and super soapy solution to make giant bubbles with. * Little Explo...

Submitted by: sara m.

Love! When I'm making my respite care rounds, I take my kiddos with disabilities here all the time. It has such incredible sensory activities and the kids love it. Favorite common activities between all my kids- wind tunnel, water table, bubble play area, glow sticks, and the shadow photo chamber. Once I was there during the typical public school spring break. It was INSANE! No spots and my girl's handicap placard was expired so I left it at home that day. I explained the situation to the museum- they found me someplace to park that was safe for me and my girl. Then, the police came and booted my spot. Guess what? Both the police and the museum worked together (without even so much as a request) to find me a...

Submitted by: Melissa M.

Cute museum for children.  Has some interesting activities for the kids including water works, air works, a little carpentry shop (with real tools), and others.  The museum itself isn't huge.  We probabl...

Submitted by: Jake P.

Love it!  I brought my 2 1/2 year old and 9-month old and they loved it!  My 2-year-old was doing a happy dance almost the whole time.  He woke up from his nap and the 1st ...

Submitted by: R P.

We LOOOOOVE this place.  There is so much for our toddler to do.  She has so much fun here that the "Useum" is her fave place to go.  There'...


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