Empire State Building, New York City, New York

350 5th Ave, New York City, New York 10118

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Address: 350 5th Ave, New York City, New York 10118

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Phone: 212-736-3100
URL: http://www.esbnyc.com/
Hours: Mon-Sun 8 am - 2 am. Last elevator goes up at 1:15 am. Holiday, seasonal and extended hours vary. For additional details, check schedule. More Info
Price: Adults (13-61): $20.21; Children (6-12): $14.70; Seniors (61+): $18.37

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Submitted by: Joey R.

"Ding-Dong King Kong" I'm sorry as a native New Yorker I love the Empire State Building.  As a street walker...Not like thaaat... haha... you forget about what things look like from above. It's kind of incredible.  The Empire State Building does an amazing job educating you on what you are looking at, which is hard to find in NY sometimes from such a vantage point. The Empire State Building reminds me of how when living in NY you forget to do these things.  Just like how we forget about the MOMA, or the Whitney, or the High Line, or McSoreleys (NY's oldest bar).   If you travelled to Italy you would frequent ALL of the above, no? If you have the opportunity to do the ride inside I say go for it.  Be a kid, l...

Submitted by: Jason S.

We went on a Friday evening.  Skip the guys in orange on the street.  Price is cheaper inside.  We were there a few years...

Submitted by: Emily B.

I am into the Empire State Building!  I've been so fortunate to get to go twice recently once for the Yelp event and another time for a walk through.  I didn't get to have the real experience of buying a ticket and waiting in those lines but I did observe for awhile and they seemed to move quickly and get people through... for such an ancient maze like building I think they run it pretty well.  Staff was all super friendly for the most part, I imagine their job isn't the easiest being asked constantly the same questions in many different languages, but they did their best. I still have yet to make it up to the 103rd floor and truthfully I don't even know if I could handle it... have to stay tuned for the nex...

Submitted by: Chad S.

On a cold, overcast day you might think that a tour of a high-rise building's observation deck is far from comparable to Disney World. BUT, when you have two of the BEST Tour Guides in town, something brings the sun out on those cloudy days. An experience I won't soon forget. Being a native New Yorker does not stop me from gazing up at the Empire State Building daily, among other NYC Skyscrapers. I don't take this city for granted and am forever mesmerized. As long as I can remember, back to when I was a teeny tiny little guy, I have always been fascinated with the New York skyline, and this fascination has not dissipated as I've grown older. I visited the Empire State Building several times as a child, in p...

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