Everglades Alligator Farm, Homestead, Florida

40351 SW 192 Ave, Homestead, Florida 33034

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Address: 40351 SW 192 Ave, Homestead, Florida 33034

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Phone: 305-247-2628
URL: http://www.everglades.com/
Hours: Mon- Sun 9 am - 6 pm More Info
Price: Adults: $23; Children: $15.50 More Info

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Submitted by: Robert C.

i had a great time here. it's not huge, it's not "polished", and it's definitely not somewhere to take your little dog. (who takes their dog to a place full of gators??!?!?) for about the cost of an airboat ride out at the reservation you get the airboat ride, a few reptile shows, and you get to see more gators up close and personal than you would care to see. they even let you hold a baby gator! the airboat ride... it's loud, you might get wet, but it's fun. our "captain" was knowledgeable about the wildlife and knew how to handle that boat. we did a couple of 360's with about 15 people on board! good times! the shows.. we checked out the gator show and the gator feeding. the gator show consists of two guys...

Submitted by: Kim F.

Very bad experience! Although Yelp will not allow me to elaborate my full story, I believe I can say that we researched this place before coming, while on our visit to Florida. There was no policy indicated on the web site that pets of any sort are not allowed. I carry a 3 pound dog in a small carrier, completely enclosed. Our party of six arr...

Submitted by: Lorena G.

I was very excited to visit the alligator farm as it was the only touristy thing I'd be doing on my short work trip to Homestead, FL. It definitely did not disappoint! It surpassed all my expectations! The air boat ride was one of the most fun things I've done! I wanted to do it again! I didn't see any gators missing feet as the person below wrote. The little trail was really nice as well...I cant believe I almost missed it. The shows were very short but fun because they gave everyone a chance to hold baby alligators and snakes! I didn't think we'd spend all day there, but it ended up being so fun that we did! We also got to try alligator tail there, not sure how legit that was, but it's fun to say we've eat...

Submitted by: Heather F.

I was a bit nervous to take a first time Florida visitor here due to negative reviews on this and various other sites, but I knew he just had to see a gator before our vacation was over!  I'm so glad we went.  Cathy B has got it right-I don't think I have ever had that much fun in my natural life!   It is a fantastic way to spend 3-4 hours (you won't need more than that) for all ages.  They have a great schedule where you can see an alligator feeding, snake show, and an alligator show without feeling rushed or running around.  Oh and at the end of the alligator show you GET TO HOLD THE BABY GATORS!!! :)  I loved everything about this place!!  I'm smiling just writing this review.  I suggest that you bring lo...

Submitted by: Carmina B.

Visiting the everglades is a one in a lifetime experience. Be sure to use coupons which can be found in their website. $21 per adult is the best money we've ever spent for 2.5 hours of entertainment. Both an educational and entertaining experience for the entire family. The airboat ride was fun but very loud, so wear the earphones provide...

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