Everglades National Park, Homestead, Florida

40001 State Rd 9336, Homestead, Florida 33034

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Check out the Anhinga Trail -- this boardwalk path through the swamp is stroller-friendly and less than a mile long. And the views of alligators, turtles and herons will delight kids and adults alike.

Address: 40001 State Rd 9336, Homestead, Florida 33034

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Phone: 305-242-7700
URL: http://www.nps.gov/ever/index.htm
Hours: Open 24 hours More Info
Price: $10 entry fee per vehicle, $5 pedestrians or bicycles More Info

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Olympia, Washington

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Tips for Families

Some kids may get restless on the ride, so have a few tools in your backpack to keep them entertained.

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Submitted by: Timothy W.

I dunno if the PETA folks accosted me last night but after promising our 3YO daughter that we'd take her to an Alligator farm, we called an audible and decided we'd try to seek them out in their natural habitat.   We arrived at the park late in the afternoon and after getting a quick run down from the very nice guide in the visitors center, we decided that we would make a 'B' line for Flamingo which is the opposite end of the park (on the Gulf side) which is about an hour drive.   The park offers boat rides from the Flamingo side of the park, they take you through the man made Buttonwood canal into Coot Bay pointing out the highlights along the way.  On our trip we saw Alligators, Crocs, Tri-Colored Herons a...

Submitted by: Vanessa S.

There are a few times in your life when you can revisit things as an adult you thought you loved when you were a kid and realize they are so much more than you remembered, visiting the Everglades is one of those times. Right in our backyard is this lush, fascinating and thriving ecosystem and yet when you're there it is very easy to forget the hustle and bustle of Miami is just around the way. If you think the Everglades is all about airboat rides you are seriously mistaken. Guided tours, picnics, canoeing, bike riding, hiking, camping, the Everglades has got it all! Whether you're a native Miamian or you've just been in town for a bit, you have to come to Everglades National Park and see the majesty that is...

Submitted by: Jordan S.

I grew up in the Fort Lauderdale area, but every year as a kid, my dad would take us on an extended camping trip to Flamingo Campground, which is the southernmost area in Everglades National Park where the fresh and salt water meet.  I have so ...

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