Farmer's Market, Los Angeles, California

6333 W 3rd St at Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, California

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In 1934 a phenomenon occurred that changed the way people shop today. A contingent of farmers pulled their trucks together in Los Angeles on Third and Fairfax to display their produce on the tailgates of their vehicles. This group of farmers started the first ever ''Farmer's Market.'' Today, Farmer's Market Los Angeles has grown into an outdoor shopping mall with clothing stores, restaurants and of course, that same organic, fresh produce which people have come to love and appreciate. Obviously, the market is parent-friendly, but kids will also be entertained. One of the few absolutely independent toys stores, Kip's Toyland, is sure to delight. While ice cream from Bennett's Ice Cream, and watching the ''Candy Man'' make delicious treats may lead to extreme joy (and sugar rushes). Shopping together, the family can bond at the Farmer's Market.

Tips for Families

Ask the patio staff for help locating highchairs for the little ones.

Address: 6333 W 3rd St at Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, California

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Phone: 323-933-9211
Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am - 9 pm; Sat 9 am - 8 pm; Sun 10 am - 7 pm More Info
Price: Free More Info

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