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Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

4 Yawkey Way, Boston, Massachusetts

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Submitted by: Angela Y.

There is no other ball park like Fenway Park. Historic or not, you will never have an experience anywhere else. It's more than just the park itself, its what surrounds it. The history is great, the red bricks are breathtaking, but its the people and the insane energy that sets this park apart from the rest (the ample resources of fan gear and beers that surround the park for blocks within walking distant from the park's doors help too). I'm an LA girl through and through, but visiting Boston every summer as a kid changed my life. Countless nights being surrounded by that energy and being in city where the entire city LOVED their team, it'll change a person. And this was pre-2004, if you know what I mean. I m...

Submitted by: Sara M.

Last night, my father and I did the father-daughter thing and went to a game together with my dad's friend and his daughter. My dad (shh) is a Yankees fan,and myself being a devout Red Sox fan, we had a great time watching our teams play each other and had amazing seats in the third base loge box that intersects...

Submitted by: Andrea B.

I am no baseball fan, I will say that upfront.  I am not really even a sports fan.  But I have been to Fenway Park a couple times with my family, and it has been enjoyable.  It's hard to be at this ballpark and not get excited about the game, even if you have no interest in the Red Sox whatsoever.  I enjoy going to places of historical significance in general, and this stadium would certainly fall into that category.  And of course, being the souvenir junkie that I am, I had to go into the gift store and buy a hat and a t-shirt or two.   One time that we went to a game, it was because my dad had gotten free tickets.  Sadly, these freebies were freebies for a reason - they were obstructed view seats.  And by ...

Submitted by: Joshua L.

Night game at Fenway. All day Red Sox nation was trying to compete with the ceremony surrounding the prelude and eventual actuality of Jeter's 3000th hit. Pasty Bostonians everywhere, decked out in throngs of red behaved themselves admirably, as they were all simply lost in the pageantry of a Saturday night at Fenway. Can't blame them; the Park is beautiful. First off, as a college kid, Yakwey Way is a dream. It really shows that all those years of higher learning, job hunting, and being on the 9-5 grind can never TRULY beat the tailgating out of a man. Eating hotdogs and munching on funnel cake, while watching probably the most mediocre garage dad band croak mind-numbing sets into a crowd of bewildered fans...

Submitted by: paul e.

My family took the Fenway Park tour a few days ago.  This is a ballpark for baseball lo...

Submitted by: Josh M.

It's really hard to choose between Wrigley and Fenway as to which is my favorite of the last 2 classic ballparks left in the Country. Since I live in Minneapolis I've been to Wrigley way more times than Fenway, I'm into the brickey, appearance of Fenway just as much as the outfield row houses at Wrigley, the only diifferences between them are that one has a cool feature that the other one doesn't , so in my opinion there is really no better one out of the 2. I've only been to Fenway twice, once last Summer and another time in 1991. That was the only game I went to here, it was rained out in under 1 inning, and eventually my family was stranded in Boston because of a hurricane. I was only 7 but stuff like tha...

Submitted by: Mike M.

THE GOOD: It's baseball incarnate, a century old, and only a few years younger than the American League.  It's surrounded by city streets and hot dog vendors, not parking lots.  My grandfather, my father, me, and my kid all share it - baseball wasn't my great-grandfather's thing or he would have, too. THE BAD: It's a century old, and looks it, away from t...

Submitted by: Alyssa J.

History, Schmistory. Fenway is an outdated dump of a park. People pay ridiculous amounts of money to sit behind a POLE. The ticket situation is a joke, with families bequeathing season tickets for generations, good luck getting a good seat. Guess what, if you do get a seat it's probably not even facing the damn players! Who came up with this? I know, probably the same people that came up with slavery, that's how old this place is. I am well aware that I will probably be found brutally murdered in the streets of Boston after posting this review, but seriously Bostonians. Get a clue. History is great and blah, blah, blah, but so are state of the art facilities. That being said, if anyone has any extra tickets ...

Submitted by: Brian M.

I used to love Fenway. I'd throw around the same words that everyone else always does when talking about the place; "Historic", "character", "experience", and all the rest. "How could you not love Fenway Park!?", I would ask. Then I visited another stadium. My weekend in Baltimore was great and my visit to San Francisco was even better. Now, after seeing what a real stadium can be like, if you rig Fenway with explosives and hand me the big red button, I will gladly push it. Think of your least favorite restaurant. Now imagine that Abe Lincoln used to eat there all the time, that Adolf Hitler once stopped in for a bite, and that it was a favorite of Martin Luthur King. Does the food there taste any better? Is...


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